Thursday, May 04, 2017

TrumpCare. Is. The. Best. Suicide. Note. Ever.

Way back in 2009 -- almost at the beginning of recorded history -- when the House GOP published the wish-list of a sociopathic grade-school Ayn Rand fan under the title "The Republican Road to Recovery", I thought that was the best suicide note ever.  I was not alone (from Wonkette):
Republicans Unleash Hilarious ‘Road To Recovery’ Plan On Embarrassed Public
This was before the GOP had fully unpersoned George W. Bush, ramped up its Fake Tea Party disappearing act, and leaned all the way into its Lie-All-The-Time-And-Sabotage-Everything strategy.  Back when it looked like there might still a glimmer of hope that they could actually change ever so slightly for the better instead of doubling down on being the shittiest people in America.  

Ah the sweet naivete of youth! 

This was also before we found out that, for all of his many gifts,  Barack Obama was simply incapable of using the mandate we gave him to put the GOP to the sword, and instead opted to give them so many completely undeserved mulligans and second chances and benefits of the doubt that they eventually got bold enough to elected a lying, delusional, racist orange fire demon who is now busy trying to put President Obama's signature legislative accomplishments to the sword.  

But with the GOP House all joining hands and making the Lemming Leap off together off the TrumpCare cliff, I am going to agree with Representative Louise Slaughter....

Because while I meant this metaphorically six years ago when I originally posted it, with today's vote to gut health care for millions of their own, loyal supporters, this is damn near literally what the Republican House did today on behalf of their own GOP base...

You hate Liberals, right?

Well, do you know what would make those
damn Liberals
really crazy?

Picking up that gun.

And then putting it in your mouth.

And then pulling the trigger.

Oh yes.

Liberals will hate that
more than anything ever!

Or maybe you don't really hate Liberals?

Maybe you secretly love them!

Maybe you secretly want to have
gay Muslim sex with them!!

You hate Liberals, right?

Each year in America, there is a sucker Conservative voter born every minute.

Please give generously to help us find a cure.


RUKidding said...

I can still here some dumb-feck Trump White Supremacist fan woman on the radio burbeling about how Trump is this great "businessman" and he won't "let them down" and he'll come up with the "best plan" that will "take care of them."

Yeah, ya flaming brain-dead racist moran ijot - Trump just took care of you, alright, good & proper. And without the lube.

Or should I be still waaaiiiittting to give Dolt45 "a chance"????

trgahan said...

I assume our Economically-Anxious-White-Working-Class-Abandoned-By-Democrats are going to be too busy celebrating Herr Trump and his congressional BFFs finally putting that n#$#%er in his place to realize a large section of the economic plan they refused to elect Romney/Ryan for in 2012 just passed the House.....with the second half coming in the Tax/Budget plan.

But then again, since all bad things are ONLY because of Democrats and liberals and 40% of our population is willing to destroy the country as long as they sit on top of the ashes, I don't seem much electoral downside for the House.

bluicebank said...

At the risk of sounding too optimistic, every GOP Rep. from the California delegation voted to strangle little Billy in his crib. All 14, vs. all 39 Dems voting no.

Them unreconstructed whelps musta got lost, and forgot they come from a state locked in a cage match with POTUS & Co.

Of 24 House seats won by GOPers that Trump got less than 50% (or lost outright to Hillz), nearly a third are Calif. districts. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, that them Endangered Species are in the backwaters of the Golden State. That shit don't matter. Farming communities suddenly not cottoning to not being able to pick da crops because "why the Mexicans hiding?", God ended the drought, and we Lefty Coasters got shit-tons of money to unseat the sons-of-so-and-sos. And we will.

You brethren and sistren out yonder do so likewise. Amen.

J.Tinker said...

I despair that they are all just so crooked. That is the only word for it; crooked.

Glitterbug said...

Still great

Glitterbug said...

Still great!