Thursday, May 04, 2017

Is Our Pundits Learning?


I had vainly hoped that the fight over Obamacare might at least knock the incredibly toxic Big Lie of Both Siderism back on its heels for awhile.

After all, not since the shelling began at Fort Sumter has the contrast between America's major political parties been this stark and clear.

Because for all their flaw and follies, Democrats -- under the leadership of a calm, intelligent, humane and courageous man -- fought an uphill battle for years against premeditated, lockstep Republican sabotage and obstruction all the way to the Supreme Court to deliver affordable health care to tens of millions of vulnerable Americans.  While Republicans -- who have worked diligently for decades to harness the forces of ignorance, bigotry and paranoia to serve their depraved agenda -- are fighting like wild dogs to take affordable health care away from tens of millions of vulnerable Americans because that is what the ignorant, bigoted and dangerously delusional con man they elected president promised them one million times he would do.


Full stop.

But of course, there is no triumph so exhilarating or tragedy so heartbreaking or betrayal so one-sided and cruel that America's Pundit Elite will not pulverize it and decontextualize it --

-- and then simply fucking lie it about --
-- until they have reduced it to the simple, gray, Both Siderist glop that is all they are capable of digesting or extruding.

Yes, that is former "Meet the Press" embarrassment David Gregory, who now writes books that no one reads, fiddled around with a podcast that he apparently lost interest in, and must share crowded panels on cable teevee with various 3rd tier pundits and creepy Trump Juggalos where he says things like...
"Our president is much more moderate and pragmatic on this issue"
"One of the biggest mistakes of Obamacare was passing it on a party-line vote, and not getting real buy-in when it came to implementation and ownership around the country."
...just to earn his daily bread.

He used to dine with kings and dance with Roves, people!

O Tempora! O Mores!


RUKidding said...

"One of the biggest mistakes of Obamacare was passing it on a party-line vote, and not getting real buy-in when it came to implementation and ownership around the country."

The incredible aggro over the outrageous hypocrisy... and that's the least of it.

The other giant sucking LIE about ACA was that Obummer did it "too fast," and "didn't take enough time" to get "worked out properly." I read some stats this morning - too lazy to look them up - but, while I'm not the biggest fan of ACA - Obama and the Ds took a lot longer and got Budget Office oversight before it was passed. That CBO oversight, which will take until next week to get (just too long, I guess, to wait a coupla days), is glaringly absent with this one.

They also make out like Obama and the Ds did nothing to reach across the aisle, which is also patently false. But hey: Dolt45 fans have made it blindingly obvious that they are not the slightest bit intersted in incovenient facts, the truth or reality. So there you go.

But will these parasitical creepy whores in the media even bother to mention the glaringly obvious different approaches? I, for one, have certainly heard or read a big fat Zero, Zilch, Nada, Bupkiss in the M$M comparing these two pieces of legislation.

Well, I hope Trump's inbred racist white supremacist base is supremely happy with the gargantuan screwing they've just gotten.

Batocchio said...

When it comes stupid-evil-crazy, I'm pegging David Gregory as stupid, plus evil through cowardice.

Robt said...

If anyone doesn't believe McConnell is not beyond buster any filibuster for bills such as this after Going authoritarian for Koch on Gorsuch.

just to pass a "victory" (and wiping clean the slate the black Muslim liberal anti Christ president). Well you just don't know your Bullshit Mountain Republicans.

*Read the bill!
*ramming it down our throats!
*Big Government!
*Communist socialism!
*Free stuff!
*and one of my favorites * government death panels!

you know, killing grandma.----Thanks Donny Trump!

it is about extracting money for tax cuts.

If anyone thinks the senate will have troubles with this. Sen Grassly wants Obamacare to stop killing grandma over and over.
Rand Paul is into tax cuts for freedom. Need I continue.

Besides, I already heard it is about the free market. The market will mystically work out free health care for everyone.

All pray to the free market .......!

"Greed is good"
Gordon Gekko

trgahan said...

Cillizza and Gregory are whores. They are only doing what gets them a paycheck these days. Lets face it, the media is ONLY hiring people willing to work to make Republican's look "normal."

I actually read in comment sections of Liberal blogs/news sites which had that very screen capture of the vote: "Wonder how many traitorous dems voted for this thing?" Our own house needs a lot of cleaning.

proverbialleadballoon said...

If Cilizza was an actual journalist, he would perform the next step in the investigation process, gathering evidence, in order to report on events. But he can't even do that. This is zero-effort. Report _that politics happened, without investigating _why the politics happened. Why was the vote split along party lines, Chris Cilizza? And half the country buys Both Sides, probably because it is so low-effort. Taking one step, and gathering evidence, is all it takes to discredit 'this is why Americans hate politics', and yet this viewpoint is pervasive. The republicans commit atrocities, but democrats aren't perfect either, so both sides do it. The republican House passes the Cripple Middle- and Lower-class Through Medical Bills in order to Give the Wealthy More Tax Cuts Bill, but no democrats voted in favor of it, therefore Both Sides are equally to blame. And this guy is on CNN.