Sunday, April 16, 2017

The GOP That Failed

Meditate on this.

Republicans have elected the two worst presidents in modern history, back-to-back.

They obediently supported those Failed Presidents long after any sane person could see that they were irredeemable fuck-ups.  

They used the collective might of their Pretty Hate Machine and their infinite capacity for Strategic Forgettery to mercilessly slander apostates and heretics and lobotomize out of existence the myriad pustulent hypocrisies that make the rest of the world look at them in grim and horrified amusement.

They spent the eight year interregnum between their Failed Presidents fighting like mad dogs to sabotaging and slander any attempt by President Obama to clean up their disasters.  They pissed on every olive branch they were offered.  They mocked normal political compromise as cowardice. And to survive the onslaught of a which they could no longer comprehend, they burrowing ever deeper into the Breitbart News Dumpster for comforting lies and conspiracies.

They have proudly thrown their lot in with the worst scum in the country over and over and over again.

They have  passed the point of no return.


Bruce.desertrat said...

It is part and parcel of the NeoConfederate takeover of the GOP, and the same impulse motivating Bannon's HULK SMASH! approach to demolishing the executive branch. Their aim is to simply destroy the Republic, and replace it with Confederacy of squabbling states, the better to establish the New American Oligarchy, where the 0.01% simply own everything.

Look at the history of the USSR: they broke it , then for years we were treated to tales of how horrible htings were, that the working class was dying younger than ever, were in despair, drinking and using drugs...Sound familiar?

Now one of the gang has risen to the top and runs things for the benefit of himself and his pals.

My only question is what happens when the Koch's, Adelson's, etc understand that their next opponent is each other, instead of the American people...

Jimbo said...

Reagan was not only a traitor (Iran-Contra) but had the largest number of Cabinet officials to be charged with a crime or resign because sabotaging the law (Gorsuch) and then there was Tricky Dick who is in a separate category. Also committed treason but during the campaign (like Trump) by sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks (Vietnam for the kids reading this) and despite the Russo-Sino detente (good things) was kind of a failure domestically since the Democratic Congress basically forced him to do the environment, health and similar legislation while block grants to states and price controls were disasters. And then Watergate, of course. So, only Bush 1, who was the most Establishment recent President was successful though, by his time, the raidical extremist "prion disease" (h/t CPP) had already become deeply implanted.

Whether the Trump catastrophe (and Pence is only marginally better) flips the people bothering to vote more rationally is pretty much still a real (?) at this point in our history. Sad!

eddie blake said...

i SERIOUSLY don't know how we're supposed to reconcile with the pig people. they want us dead, our cities burnt into the ground and sown with salt. hard to meet them halfway.

i figure they forgot appomattox. i figure we remind them.

next time we don't need more of obama's outstretched hand, we need more of sherman's torch.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

I recall once on our way to Maine for a vacation, must have been in the early 90's, we stopped for a meal at a little B&B in New Hampshire - cute, quaint, out of the way - I don't know how we got there, maybe a travel guide. Rows of hollyhocks outside, family run, overpriced. In the dining room, where the walls were painted with a landscape mural, there were only two other tables with patrons, and nearest to us were to ladies who's age then must have been near what mine is now. They were going on and on about how terrible the downturn in the resort business was for them. Their families, who apparently were the owners for more than one resort, had to lay off many employees. Now this was George H. W. Bush country, money country. The two ladies didn't give a shit about the proles who were set free, just worried for their monied brethren. I was horrified at their lack of compassion and convinced that Pappy Bush was the worst possible person to be running things.
Stupid me. At least he understood how the world works. At least he showed no sign of dementia. The old fucker's legacy is looking better every day by comparison to the parade of disorders that preceded and succeeded him in his party. Jesus Christ sitting on a dock on a bay and holding my hand while we look up at the clouds - I miss Obama.

Neo Tuxedo said...

My only question is what happens when the Koch's, Adelson's, etc understand that their next opponent is each other, instead of the American people...

In the 1970s, the SF author Lin Carter created a Doc Savage homage called Zarkon, Lord of the Unknown. Prince Zarkon of Novenia was actually, Arkon Z-5000, an experimental superhuman sent back to the 20th century to put right what was going to have gone wrong, to prevent the supervillains from provoking a global thermonuclear war in whose aftermath they had used "ruthless scientific trickery" to establish quasi-feudal rule over the world.

In the 1980s, before his working relationship with DC Comics went down the bog, Alan Moore worked up a mega-crossover event proposal called Twilight of the Superheroes, whose main setting was around the year 2012, when the former US had been divided up along quasi-feudal lines by superhuman Houses. There were the House of Steel (headed up by Superman and Wonder Woman), the House of Thunder (the "Captain Marvel Family" that DC had acquired from Fawcett), the House of Mystery (assorted magical types)... and the House of Secrets (the Secret Society of Super-Villains), whose rule was no harsher nor softer than any of the "hero" Houses'.

Make of that what you will. Then tell me what it means, 'cos I haven't got a clue.

bluicebank said...

As a lifelong humanitarian, believing in the goodness of people, it has come to this. Some people you just can't reach. (Not just pretty words from "Cool Hand Luke".)

When friends and family, much less strangers, have become so impervious so even simple doo-dah reasoning, and are in fact antipathetic to facts on the ground (or sympathy from us), any notion of being nice to the troglodytes smacks of naivete.

I'm done with the whole lot of them. I'm reserving my compassion for those who can tie a shoelace.

One Fly said...

Their agenda is one thing and that is to destroy the good that makes a decent life here in this country.

And of course the very things they dismantle help many who vote for them.

It's not normal and it's insane and when one questions you then become the problem.

The right holds a full house kings over jacks and we two pair sixes and fours.

You can't win much with that.

Fritz Strand said...

If our MSM had published a single photo of one elderly white woman who drowned in a retirement home during Hurricane Katrina, no Republican would have been elected President for the next forty years.

Robt said...

There are way too many resemblances of GWB and DJT for my sanity.

What may be worse? All the many morphing DJT into GWB on the horizon. And not even the mother of all bombs will the greatest generals use against it.

Does this term end with the economic collapse the GOP owners salivate of?

It is the economic stability I think they have been after to collapse to rebuild America, the constitution and its's democracy into their immaculate vision of ownership of us all.
They see the power that Russia oligarchs possess and jealousy for the arrogance is in big demand for people that have everything but owning people and the power of life and death over them.

Dystonian? nah...

Green Eagle said...

"They have passed the point of no return."

May I suggest that that happened no later than 1921, when Harding made Andrew Mellon Secretary of the Treasury?

Robt said...

And remember well, Weed hopper.

The GOP only fails because they did not go right wing extreme far enough.