Monday, April 17, 2017

President Stupid's Book Club

Speaking from decades of personal experience, this is what passes for the height of humor among the Pig People.

A book about why to vote for Democrats that is...just blank pages!

Get it! 

Get it! 

All the pages are blank!

From the very-nearly post-pubescent "cultural correspondent" for crackpot Conservative shitpile "Daily Wire" (Motto: "The Daily Wire: When Brietbart is too hoity-toity and World Net Daily popup ads are too distracting."), pimped vigorously by Fox and Friends (Motto: "Fox and Friends: When Hannity is too hoity-toity and the sound of Mark Levin's voices makes your fillings hurt.") and favorably reviewed by Ben Shapiro, who has spent most of his short, execrable career feeding the Wingnut Beast, and the last several months being chomped by that Wingnut Beast.

And all the pages are blank!

Do you get it! 

Do you get it! 

Yes, among the double-wide denizens of Sisterfuck, Arhansas, this is pure, Algonquin round-table shit.

But it is also more that perfect the one book President Stupid touts on Twitter -- this barely literate lunatic who keeps Jared Kushner at his elbow at all times to help him sound out the big words on the executive orders he signs but clearly does not understand -- is the perfect metaphor for President Stupid himself:  a prop, completely empty from cover-to-cover, which exists solely as one more loud, primal "Fuck You" screamed by America's meatheads and bigots at reality itself.


Unknown said...

In fairness to the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Donald J. Trump, it is the first book he's ever managed to read in only three days. And the first book he's actually finished. And the first one in which he's understood every word. So, he is pretty pumped about it.

Professor Fate said...

Jesus Wept we are utterly doomed. At least the Kaiser before World War 1 knew things were serious, this clown, nope. We being led to Armageddon by a fool.
And even if this does not end in catastrophe - it's only a matter of time before one does.

D. said...

Unknown: Ooh, burn!

Andrew Johnston said...

It's interesting to read comments like this in light of that particularly delusional sect of Our Wonderful Newsmedia that insists that as the GREAT ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT DEALMAKER is not really all that partisan, what the Democrats should do is just give him big huggles and vote for everything he wants and suddenly he'll turn into the Centrist Messiah Barack Obama Plus and save the country from the K'rrupt Duopoly. To which I respond by pointing to this and saying "It's not so much that you idiots are always wrong, it's that you never get any humility out of it."

dinthebeast said...

He likes it because when he tries to explain in words why Democrats are bad, everything get all weird and real and the words are always getting in the way of the lie, so this does it without using words and that must be better somehow.

-Doug in Oakland

Buttermilk Sky said...