Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Handel's Messiah

With less than 20% of the vote, pro-Trump lunatic Karen Handel limped in a distant second in Georgia 6th special election. 

Handel welcomes Trump to campaign with her

Karen Handel, the Republican candidate running in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, said Wednesday that it’s “all hands on deck” heading into the runoff election in June and that she welcomes President Trump’s support.

The former Secretary of State in Georgia, who came in second place in Tuesday’s special election, said on CNN’s “New Day” that she welcomes support from all Republicans, including Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump, who only won Georgia’s 6th Congressional District by 1 point in November, called to congratulate Ms. Handel on her victory...
Do I think Mr. John Ossoff will take this seat?

I have no idea.

On the one hand, as I said after the 2016 election, I have never gone wrong betting on the racism and arrogant ignorance of the Right: I've only erred occasionally on the point spread.  And six months later my faith in the suicidal stupidity of the average Republican voter remains deep and abiding.

On the other hand, every election between now and 2020 is a referendum on President Stupid and his just-fucking-sack-the-place agenda.  


Jimbo said...

The runoff is likely to be hacked or otherwise rigged since the SoS refuses to use paper ballots even after GA's entire voter registration list was hacked. The GA GOP will do whatever they can to make sure Karen the Trumper wins. Even if that weren't the case, the battle would be quite uphill for Ossoff. If he does manage the win or even close to a tie, that will send a good message to the Democrats (who will then promptly blow it in 2018, I'm sure).

Meremark said...

They, (somebody or fed taxpayers), are buying many big steel beams to rebuild I85 freeway and new-build the Mercedes Benz stadium for football games.

Shout, "buy American steel."

But other arms reach out to them.
Other eyes smile tenderly.
Now in steel beams we see
they came from China.

Robt said...

Besides Trump who hasn't cared about the district until now.
Probably because the Rience and the Bannon told the Donald to be in essence Infowars from the white house. Otherwise Donny is busy eating the best chocolate cake you will never be able to taste. Billionaire cake is not for the losers.

Trump comes to rescue in Georgia and Kansas while BillO is left to his own demise.

RW said...

He had better keep his nose clean. If he gives them ANYTHING, they will harp on it incessantly until the runoff...

trgahan said...

"...every election between now and 2020 is a referendum on President."

That door swings both ways too. Republicans (and their media enablers) are treating Kansas and now a forced run off in Georgia as electoral wins on par with 1980, 1994 or 2008 elections. It is THAT bad right now and if you haven't noticed, the economy has quietly stagnated in the last two months.

The only prediction I'll make is the price of ads in Atlanta Metro Area prime time TV and Radio slots will sky rocket in the next few months.

eVille Mike said...

Pretty damned good, driftglass.
Keep doin' that.

jim said...

So far - compared to previous average performance - the GOP record in Red State post-11/2016 elections is circa -15%.

Everyone's marveling over the majority of GOP voters that are staying faithful to Trump, nobody's saying much about the deadly & widening wedge of GOP voters who he's systematically driving away with flip-flops, public behavior all too easily mistaken for Dadaist performance-art & casually contemptuous disdain for the millions of schnooks who voted for his Snake-Oil Ticket.

Note that some GOP satraps are on the public record as saying that it's worth defeat & exile to the political boondocks to enact their agenda as fully as humanly possible if the opportunity to do so exists - to catapult the propaganda, you betcha! Back in Victorian times 'twere verily yclept "Propaganda Of The Deed" - good thing for them anarchists aren't big on IP lawsuits.