Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Gingrich Rules Get a Trump-Era Upgrade

Hey, remember ten minutes ago when "Judge" Andy Napolitano's career as a Fox News button-man was interrupted when President Stupid shone a 20 gigawatt spotlight on one of his routine, throwaway lies, causing it to burst into flames?  At that time I reminded everyone of the basic tenets of the Gingrich Rules:
By and large, the rule for Conservatives who live on the wingnut-welfare teat is, when they publicly step on their own dicks spectacularly enough to displease the money guys, the Gingrich Rules kick in: 30 days on the bench, after which they are reintroduced back to the media ecosystem via some "legit" format during which no mention whatsoever will be made of what got them on bad paper with the network in the first place.
Well it turns out I may have been wrong.

Because now that Duplicity, Racism and Treason have tapped into the speed-force under President Stupid, every horrible aspect of our politics and our media is now happening much faster than ever before.  Including the accelerated rate at which avowed white supremacists are being paroled from pundit gaol so they can resume their paying gigs as Respected Cable News Contributors (h/t Tengrain for pointing this out to me):

And speaking of unspeakably awful wingnut welfare queens who should never be heard from again but will be because that's just the way the cable news business model works...

And of course @MSNBC just can't seem to get enough of Joe "Deadbeat" Walsh...

Because that "Pandering to Racist Assholes" dollar continues to be an excellent dollar.

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