Tuesday, March 28, 2017

More Filth From Valued @MSNBC Contributor Joe "Deadbeat" Walsh

Clearly MSNBC believes that "Racist Asshole" is a profitable demographic that can and should be pandered to.


Randle Aubrey said...

Why hasn't this guy 2A'd himself yet?

dinthebeast said...

I guess that ignorant bigot dollar turns out to be as good a dollar as any to Mr. G and his ilk.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

Dear "economically anxious white working class" (TM),

If you want liberals to stop calling you racists you need to stop following racists like Walsh to such a point that their employment generates revenue for major TV outlets.

It would also help if, like Walsh, you'd stop thinking white people (especially white men) are the true oppressed in American Society and that liberalism solely exists to make life easier for brown people.

Robt said...

He is. Just a work in progress..

What this guy is doing is, projecting his own shortcomings on anyone that any Mic and or camera will allow him. It is not "shock Jock" nonsense.

It is his white failures that bothers him so much when he sees a successful black guy.

Lest we forget. GOP (McConnell) and party made it their number one cause in their life to make Obama a, One term President", and failed.

So they obstructed for 8 years, undermined America for 8 years and even refused to even give the respect to a SCOTUS nominee of a meeting and out right blocked that nominee for a year on the basis of party loyalty of solidarity against the black president.