Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump Presidential Cup

Another great last-minute holiday gift from the good people at BOHICA Industries.

BOHICA Industries:  Because you were optimistic enough to believe that since the Bush Administration sucked ass at every level and the Obama Administration was civil and rational and scandal-free, just maybe Crazy Uncle Liberty was willing to start climbing down out of the Stupid Tree.


wibble said...

we are sooooooo fucked...

duquesnepdx said...

I'm gonna have to stock up on these. I get the feeling that they're gonna crack after a kicking or two.

Did you see that Derp Fuhrer is going to be taking his own private security with him into his regime?

Fascist has to have a security team that is personally loyal. And people were saying he doesn't have his own private army just a few weeks ago.

Robt said...

But have we really paid attention to what these Gerrymandered republican loyalists that have strong desires to travel long distances to perform self investigations of suspected HRC (Piza joint front) pedifile rings of horrors of what they are truly telling us.

Why is it there voices are not heard across the AM national dial? FOX refuses to report on them so you can decide?

If only there was someone some political party that would put aside P.C. and tell it like it is> A billionaire that after 46 years with the company and 4 years to go before retiring. Had his company shut down and move to Vietnam for financial transfers of money from wages to CEO pay and maybe some stock price shoring. A billionaire that understands oil pipes leak people in the area have this natural need to consume clean water.
But from the corporate top, a lure to move their company to a location requires low enough wages that workers cannot live let alone survive. Giving up any and all expectations of any toxic waste to the local environment of which life derives its existence must sit in the back of the bus.
You know America still produces things right?
But the ability to know this went out the reality window when early boycotting began to see success. That is when Congress sprang into bribed action on behalf of the corporate world. made in America is now diluted. Go to most Grocery stores and is that tomato grown in the USA or Mexico? Made in China, assembled in Mexico and labeled and sold in USA.
Is it moe vitally important to know the health industry projected profits or the needs of the people in need of the industry's services for their health?
I mean, is there a number of insured and financially well off enough consumers for the health industry to continue its profits..

I mean, I know doctors that go on many lavish vacations to avoid paying their tickets.
I know self proclaimed billionaires that run for president to hide their lack of paying taxes.
All this liberal Government interference with the free market killing jobs. Like those liberals of the Texas Statehouse majorities passing laws down the throats of TExas American patriots that make parents sign a waiver for their children to work in any union workplace. But if you work in a non union arena, no red tape required.

Why is the liberal media so bent on hiding all this from us. It takes the heroic efforts of Alex Jones to tell us?
If only one side would stand up and stop ramming their vehicle into your proverbial chocolate outlet.
Just contemplate how both sides in this so harmed Goldman Sachs with all that consumery protectionism-isms, knowing how it would hurt our one percents economy.

So how did everyone come to saying, "we are all Neegan". And accepting it?