Friday, December 16, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #367

"I don't mind a reasonable amount of trouble."
-- Sam Spade, The Maltese Falcon



Robt said...

What is the difference between the U.S Senate GOP blocking a SCOTUS nominee for over a year. Not even a hearing/ meet.
If the 27 year Fed. Court Judge is so bad. Why doesn't the Republi-Cons remove him from the bench. They have the power?

Compare that with the N. Carolina GOP that uses their majority to say Democratic party elected Governor is not allowed to Govern.

This GOP superiority that dictates GOP lockstep to impose a view that only the imperial superiority of a REpubli-Con has the divine authority to any powers to Govern.

So what is the difference between the US Senate GOP and the North Carolina GOP?

They all admitted Trump was not a conservative. I haven't witnessed the GOP denying Trump authority.
I am sure it will be the Art of the DEal Ryan and McConnell salivate over. Something that was denied them of their superior republican governing by Obama.

dinthebeast said...

I'm kinda seeing a pattern around incredulity. Obama had nothing in his own experience to cause him to believe that Republicans would hate him so much, and failed to write that eventuality into his planning (he could have paid attention to the Clintons and known better.)
And, as Dr. Krugman wrote, many Republican voters who are in the process of being harmed by their own votes just didn't believe that Republicans could really be so cartoon-villainishly evil that they would really take away the health insurance they need to live.
The phrase "reality check" keeps chasing itself around inside my head about this, and when the reality turns out to be diametrically opposed to the dogma, how exactly do we go about putting that pup down like the rabid animal that it is?

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

There is something to the Bernie and Hayes in Trump country.

You are so right about Hayes nor Bernie questioning reality of the one woman who KNEW those brown people we not paying their driving tickets. Which was the main responsible fault that she was not some sort of billionaire. She never had any pride in the job she had.
You know something else Bernie and hayes did not ask those Cheese heads" Where are all the jobs Governor Walker promised you when he cuts taxes on the rich who will dribble down jobs and wealth?
How much blame do you put on Obama vs your republican obstructing machine in Congress?

What has Paul Ryan brought to your state? And why in the hell did you reelect Ron Johnson over Russ Feingold? What has Senator Johnson done for jobs or any of you?
Oh sure he saved your guns from being taken away from the Merrick nominee to the SCOTUS. The guns you threaten Obama with but never a republican that shoves it up your throat.
How did Walker's union busting help create jobs?

The one part Bernie did disagree with them is when he asked them how if they thought they know Trump was lying to them about things. Why vote for a liar?

Bernie went on to disagree over the follow through he thinks republicans will do. Unlike these Trump voters. They feel they are in hard times and een the one woman you ppointed out over the ticket paying avoider Mbrown people. She didn't think Trump or the GOP would cut Social Security or Medicaid. When they only been fighting for it for some time now. And it will leave any of them in dire times in a more harsher place.
You could almost see it in their faces. That if Trump or their own Ryan and Johnson advance bills to cut them. They somehow have this fantasy that Liberals will be able to stop it. I really got this impression.
The so called long time union guy even said he didn't believe republicans would make those cuts to medicaid and such.
many of these folks fit the model of living in isolated hermit styles where the only interaction with others is from right wing radio in the privacy of their home by themselves.
So, how do we get to find these folks who say the shit won't hit the fan. When we do not have to open our eyes because our nose will tell us that shit is splattered all over the place.
In a few more moths, this gal could be on TV again wiith Hayes. She will be decrying how anyone that fell for Trump and voted for him is to blame. Of course she will not remember her last interview with Hayes and neither will Hayes.

Kevin G said...

I used to listen to your podcast every week, I have had a difficult time with your last few podcasts. First, I find your willingness to carry water for the red-baiting going on in the Obama administration and Clinton campaign disturbing. Secondly, the characterization of Obama's less than lackluster "worker training," policies as effective but not comprehended by the people is bordering on the delusional.

Granted, the Republicans road blocked a larger stimulus, but it was Obama's political and economic advisers that made it 50% tax cut based and eliminated direct government employment programs, which are still desperately needed.

Hillary Clinton lost because she deserved to lose, we lost because the Democratic Party followed a losing strategy, trooping along with the Clinton campaign. Denial of the Democratic Party's (Clinton/Obama) based losing strategy of neoliberal economics coupled with triangulating Republican policies to achieve future Democratic goals (universal healthcare arising from Romneycare) is hopelessly stupid. As my favorite Aunt used to say, it's too cute by half.

The crushing defeats since 2010 are not the fault of "both siderism," or reactionary "Talk Radio," they are the result of a supine Democratic Party that would rather nosh on the crumbs left them by Wall Street and Billionaire Tech donors than actually develop policies and positions that benefit the working class (of all colors) and change the status quo.

Although I find your media critique persuasive, the stalwart defense of "liberals," is running very dry. Liberals have not provided a policy frame that excites anyone for years, it is time for a critical re-evaluation of "Liberalism," in the Democratic Party. Until there is a radical realignment of the economic policies of the Democratic Party, or the Democratic Party goes the way of the Whigs and a new party representing the working classes arises, we can count on more Trumpism.

You both seem to be trying to "make the best of a bad situation," unfortunately, this bad situation comes at the worst possible time, with the world on the precipice of war, global climate catastrophe and economic chaos. It is time to demand change from the "Left," not simply hope we can weather the storm.

trgahan said...

Regarding Hayes, Sanders, and "The Revolution," I've read the "we just someone to unify the working class" solution too frequently in the past month. It is a ahistorical "why aren't we winning?" copout, but I still chuckle since I've read that lament in documents going back to 1840's Europe.

My own hometown, which like much of the Midwest, has turned from a unionized, urban Democratic territory into a suburban/ex-burban Republican stronghold in the past 30 years. The change does correlate with the de-industrialization of the region, but the correlation is not the causation. Proving my assertion is too long for comment section....but, in short, it shows through on "Don't Forget Bengahzi" and "Trump that Bitch" stickers on bumpers of Lexis and BMWs this past September.

Chan Kobun said...

Sweetie, RUSSIA IS NOT COMMUNIST ANYMORE. Now please join us in reality and come back from dudebro fantasy land.

Knight of Nothing said...

Driftglass and BlueGal - I've only listened to maybe a score or so of your podcasts, but this one was the absolute best. The discussion of memory, and of the Sanders/Hayes forum was terrific. Thank you.

Dave said...

.. political correctness. I think it's understandable if Bernie Sanders doesn't understand what it is. The concept is a very vague one that hedges between race issue and everything under the sun.

Political correctness is basically known as manners.. with people wondering why they might be judge if they fail to show them. And for some odd reason people don't connect that if I call all trump supporter racist... that's not PC.

I don't know how much the actual media affected this election. I think, generally, the population doesn't trust the news.. which is why so many people were upset we lost Jon Stewart and the Cobert Report.

I didn't think Hillary campaign strong enough.. but she did say a lot of things about trump... For the next year, to keep my memory fresh on this, everytime he does something obviously wrong, I'll just find a clinton quote showing it was predicted before he became president.