Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Today In "We Told You So" News: PayPal Indulgences

I realize at this point it is both very rude and a terrible career move to keep say "I told you so".

And yet, somehow, once again I feel compelled to mention...

From TBOTP today (hat-tip to Brother Charlie Pierce):
“We’ve never seen this kind of wealth in the White House, and so traditional rules don’t work,” Gingrich said Monday during an appearance on NPR’s "The Diane Rehm Show" about the president-elect’s business interests. “We’re going to have to think up a whole new approach.”

And should someone in the Trump administration cross the line, Gingrich has a potential answer for that too.

“In the case of the president, he has a broad ability to organize the White House the way he wants to. He also has, frankly, the power of the pardon,” Gingrich said. “It’s a totally open power. He could simply say, ‘Look, I want them to be my advisers. I pardon them if anyone finds them to have behaved against the rules. Period. Technically, under the Constitution, he has that level of authority.”

From your humble scrivener, on November 9, 2016:

You know, at the rate I'm going, I'll probably never get invited to the Kool Kids parties:


trgahan said...

"We’re going to have to think up a whole new approach."

Yeah, I don't think Republicans need to re-invent the wheel here.

The last Republican Administration was all oil men, wall street insiders, and board members of international government service companies. They managed to "drill baby drill," de-regulate finance, pass "tort" reform, tax cuts, and start a war that was prompting subcontracted to connected companies....it was so bad that by 2005 small business and bank associations were getting ready to sue the Bush administration for all its insider dealing. The economical collapse put an end to any follow through.

For Republicans, Trump merely represents a reshuffling of DC rolodex and so people are just pissed that they have to 're-interview' for the place at the public trough that had been their right every time a Republican was inaugurated.

steeve said...

"We’ve never seen this kind of wealth in the White House"

Yeah, no other president came in with negative money. Of course it's illegal to force trump to live like a poor person since he was born correctly, but he's in debt past his eyeballs.

keith gargus said...

Fortunately, the Syndicate boss cannot pardon himself...yet. With a legislature jam packed with panting, servile toady's, that could be arranged quickly.

Robt said...

If you ever were to get invited to Mar-dah -Lardass and you do not get me in with you. That I could ensure you never being re invited. matter fact tossed out by the Devos family security team. Yes, I would do that for you.......
Well, just not sure I could forgive you if you left me out.

It is so pathetically sad that the pillar of credibility Mr EX Speaker Gingrich's on somewhere. Let alone on somewhere giving accountability advice.
Headline, "Bluto creates new strick spinach free diet for Popeye".

Dear Santa
I know I haven't been all that good. But I haven't been bad enough to deserve what the Donald is about to Grinch on me and good people I know and care of.
I realize as Santa you have liberal tendencies. That is why you give. So I appeal to the liberal in you Santa, As I have presented gifts to my children when they were completely good. When I found ways to forgive some terrible trespasses on me in the Santa spirit of Christmas.
All I ask for Christmas is either to wake up from this nightmare or a decent President f the United States of America.
Bless this mess

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Judging from the grins, these kids look like they're ready to be Donald's back up dancers (called The Pimps?). Maybe David Gregory could show them how to bust a move. (Are the kidzzz still saying that?)

dinthebeast said...

The part I don't like about saying I told you so, is I never seem to get to say it about anything good...

-Doug in Oakland

Unknown said...

Is there an place this pic has been captioned with all the names? It would be good to know.

Andrew Johnston said...

Oh great, it's the return of the Dubya barbecue.

You know, I really feel like I've lived a lifetime since 2000. That was the first election I followed, albeit in that shallow teenage way. Since then, I graduated college, wrote for a briefly popular political site, got harassed by Freepers, moved overseas, had my passport stolen by my employer, got engaged twice, wrote eight novels and helped a woman get out from under the sociopath her family made her marry. Meanwhile, the press didn't learn a goddamn thing.

Then again, maybe they learned one thing: Get paid upfront.

Robt said...

I do not recall Newt offering up his expert Nixonian crimianl "get out of jail card" for Obama. But then Obama didn't slither his way into the swamp.

So I guess during Trump's Birther crusade, Newt failed to provide us with his geneos tht if Obama was not a natural born citizen. All he had to do as President is pardon himself from the conservative Justice League.
But when Bill Clinton was being sued and impeached. by Newters enigma of brilliance. All president Clinton had to do was to pardon himself from the charges and Congress would have to swallow impeachment?

Bravo Newt, So Obama only needed to pardon HRC from any accusations of wrong doings and none of it would make it to the election fake news rhetoric?

Now you know there is no ideological superiority bias in what Newt offers when he basically tells us Nixon would have been correct if only he adjusted his wording to,
"when a republican president does it, "it" is leal". Dems need not apply.

Neo Tuxedo said...

One of the co-founders of PayPal is Elon Musk, now the guy behind Tesla (goals: electric cars for everyone, a solar panel on every roof) and SpaceX (goal: give us a way of leaving this planet). The other is Peter Thiel, who "no longer believe[s] freedom and democracy are compatible" (using "freedom" as a synonym for "capitalism") and who literally wants to have young people's blood transfused into his veins to extend his life. I would be drummed out of the Subtle Fiction Writer's League if I, and not the Author of this maximum-security birth-death universe, had inflicted that dichotomy on a captive audience.