Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Lonely Political Grave of Ana Navarro

You know, the political podcast Keepin' It 1600 is a pretty good podcast.  Not as influential or long-established as, say, the Professional Left podcast, but for new kids on the block it's an honest stick.

(Except when they have Chuck Todd on: then everyone pulls on big, fluffy mittens and they bat each other harmlessly and playfully around, because if one wants to continue selling churros in Red Square one does not lightly slap the Czar.

But overall, pretty good show.)

And onto this show came Ana Navarro.  You might remember Ms. Navarro as the Republican strategist who was thwow-up-in-her-purse appalled at the Rise of Trump and said so on the teevee machine many times.

Here is one of those times:

I don't know Ms. Navarro & don't care about her fate or future one way or another.  What I do know is that, at least for the last 20 years, you have to have either been a bought-off stooge (Michael Steele) or an imbecile to have toiled in the vineyards of the Party of Limbaugh and not noticed what was going on under the hood.

And yet somehow, Ms. Navarro only appears to have "woke" sometime last summer.

And golly she was piiiiiissed.

Here is the show: Ms. Navarro's cut begins at the 34:48 mark:

Like most Republicans who have come-to-Jesus long after it was too late, Ms. Navarro has plenty of fury, but is pitifully short of answers.  She keeps insisting that, to keep Il Douche in check, the Republican congress "must" do this and "must" do that...which she damn well knows they are never, ever going to do.  The boys greet her impotent hand-waving with a polite moment of silence, after which -- bless 'em -- they ask "OK, but what about those members of the Republican congress who don't have a conscience?"  

She also lays a lot of the blame for this fiasco at the feet of the self-contained media-bubble in which...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...Both Sides live!

Because Driftglass Rule #17: If you corner a Conservative hard enough, Matthew Dowd/David Brooks/Ron Fournier will invariably come popping right out of their mouth.  After all, what else is she gonna say?  "Liberals were right all along"?  Ha!  We should all live so long.

While I do not doubt her genuine fear and anger, I have no use for Judgement Day Republican converts like Ms. Navarrro.  I have no sympathy for her plight, and her opinions are irrelevant to me. I am weary of suddenly hearing things coming out of the mouths of life-long Conservatives which sound, over and over again, a helluva lot like what every Liberal has been shouting from the rooftops for the last 20 years.  Sorry, but if you're a Judgement Day Republican who has spent most of your adult life mocking and slandering the people you now imitate, the only thing you are good for is helping us better understand the most efficient way to raze your Republican party to the ground.

For example. there is obviously something deeply fucked-up with the mental and emotional makeup of people like Ms. Navarrro -- and thousands like her -- that permits them to coast along, year after year, devoting time and energy to advancing a fundamentally depraved ideology without noticing the easily observable objective realities that were staring them right in the face.  

Then, suddenly, "OMFG where'd all these bigots and monsters come from!!!"

It seems to me that isolating the specific psychological malfunctions that cause someone to become and remain a Conservative and, conversely, figuring out exactly what finally fractured Ms. Navarro's wingnut conditioning would be a worthwhile project.   Also Ms. Navarro should be able to yield any number of exploitable secrets about the goings on among Republican influencers.

Beyond that, her value is zero.  


dominictemple said...

My psychic powers strike again! I was listening to the same podcast, and when the question came up I knew, as certain as a dog returning to its vomit, that she would say both sides and that the psychic emanations would vibrate through the ether so that you would find out.

It really is astonishing how accurately these things can be predicted that you can almost set your watch by them.

trgahan said...

Since not a single Judgment Day Republican has walked to their nearest municipal building to file a change of party affiliation I am going to continue to conclude that these are people either pre-deflecting responsibility so liberals can't laugh at them over the national embarrassment headed our way or they were cut out of the deal and have to consider working for a living.

Ms. Navarro is probably just pissed because she was brought on specifically to "bring in the Hispanic vote" and this election showed her the people who fund the Republican Party where never serious about that. Her dreams of Beltway stardom taking the credit of every Hispanic Republican vote and the jet setting Aspen institute, mansion- on-the-Chesapeake-Brownstone-in-New-York lifestyle went up in flames during the Republican primary.

If these were Democrats, there would be a monetary incentive to betray the party in public, dish secrets, and oppose an elected president...but these are Republicans and betrayals lead to irrelevance and impoverishment.

ziply said...

Beauty. Thank you, DG.