Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Best. Lede. Ever.

This development should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, but if I had predicted this lead paragraph six months ago (from Mediaite) --
Journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared with Tucker Carlson on Fox News tonight to criticize Democratic hysteria over Russia.
-- the Spleenwald Horde would have set up camp in my comment section and never left.

It is probably rude to remind people that Mr. Greenwald's meal ticket is still living comfortably under the protection of infamous journalist-murderer Vlad the Elector... I won't do that.


Marc McKenzie said...

It's not rude at all to remind us,'s necessary.

Lawrence said...

At this point does Greenwald just hate the Democratic party so much he uses that as his north star for writing? At this point I suspect the same of Chris Hedges. The man who wrote "And Justice Fore Some" is not the same guy we're reading now.

drbopperthp said...

I saw him running this line on MSNBC the other day drifty. GG could barely hold back the smirk that repeatedly tried to creepy across his mouth. There's some real James Brown style "Payback" being dished out by our boy.

trgahan said...

Years ago I watched a documentary that interviewed a Soviet spymaster who worked in the U.S. for years recruiting American citizens into the service. They asked him who he looked for as a good candidate for recruitment.

The description he gave fit Snowden's biography perfectly.

Just saying.