Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down: Old Hackery

I had a nice long SMCD post teed up on NotePad and then a thing happened, and another thing happened and then this other, other thing happened and it was gone.

Probably file corrupted :-)

So rather than redoing the whole thing, here's a PhotoShop I knocked together this morning (see above) and the abridged version of The Great Lost Post is as follows...

First, and most obvious, is the fact that the only things which will survive a nuclear war are cockroaches, Twinkies and false equivalences.

Second, Reince Priebus -- the decorative bobble-head doll that Donald Trump has installed on the dashboard of the Ship of State -- was really busy lying, lying, lying his ass off all over teevee.

On "Meet the Press", Shuck Todd pushed back as hard as his tiny arms and watery knees could manage, but lets face it, what's the point?

Priebus tells a big lie.

Todd says "Yeah, but..."

Priebus tells a bigger lie.

Todd says "Yeah, but..." with a little more color rising in his cheeks.

Priebus tells an even bigger lie.

Todd says "But for Chrissake, PeeBee, you can't continue on the one hand to say..."

Priebus tells an even bigger lie.

There is no amount of proof that is going to make the rodents that operate the public machinery of the GOP bite the hand that feeds them, and since Priebus is unburdened by even the memory of a conscience it is ridiculous to expect him to break down in shame and spill the beans in the third reel like some Perry Mason murderer.

He'll just lie and lie and deny and then lie some more in the sure and certain knowledge that, under the terms of The Gingrich Rules, Good Ol' Charlie Todd will have him right back on in a week or two or three.

(Also there should be a public moratorium on the the use of the words "can't", "mustn't", "shouldn't" and "won't" vis-a-vis the Il Douche Administration by people who have no power to enforce their empty edicts.  They just sound stupid and clueless -- like Margaret Dumont without a Groucho.  And, yes, I realize that this statement is itself a stupid edict from someone who has no power to make it happen.  So sue me. I contain legions.)

The industrial-snow-blower volume of bullshit that newly feisty human potato bug, Reince Priebus, was able to fling at the hapless Good Ol' Charlie Todd was so prodigious that Chuck did not even notice this barrage of offal as it flew past his head --
REINCE PRIEBUS:  Well, it might unnerve people who think that the best route for our country to go is to ignore people and to have an enemies list and adhere to that list. But look, I just don't believe, and neither does the president-elect, that solving the world's biggest problems are best done by ignoring people and having, you know, crummy relationships across the globe. And so we just don't believe that talking to people and having relationships is a bad thing.
-- and ask the obvious follow-up question:
driftglass:  Wait just one god damn minute, Short Bus.  Wasn't one of fucking pillars of your party's "Hate The Kenyan Usurper 24/7/365" campaign for the last eight years was that he said he would dare to talk to America's enemies?  But now that Vlad The Elector has hacked his sock puppet into the White House, suddenly "talking to people" is a fucking virtue?
But of course Chuck Todd didn't ask that question because Chuck Todd is not a fella who thinks so good his feet.  So instead we got quite a lot of this:

REINCE PRIEBUS:  We had intelligence experts here.

CHUCK TODD:   Let me ask you.

REINCE PRIEBUS:   No, no, no, hang on, Chuck. No.


REINCE PRIEBUS:  The-- the R.N.C. was --

CHUCK TODD:  Explain why you had the F.B.I there --

REINCE PRIEBUS:  --not hacked.

CHUCK TODD:  Well then, why was the--


CHUCK TODD:  -- F.B.I. involved?

REINCE PRIEBUS:  It's really simple. Well, it's really simple. Because when the D.N.C. was hacked, we called the F.B.I. and they came in to help us. And they came in to review what we were doing and went through our systems, went through every single thing that we did.


REINCE PRIEBUS:  We went through this for a month.

CHUCK TODD:  I understand that.

REINCE PRIEBUS:  And we were not hacked. So wait a second. If we were not hacked, and that is absolutely not true, then where does that story lie?

CHUCK TODD:  So nobody with the--

REINCE PRIEBUS:  The story is--

CHUCK TODD:  Let me ask you this, Reince.


Overall the Sunday Shows were a wide and slow-moving river of shit at high tide and, as dutiful collaboration with the incoming Umber Kleptocracy gets baked into the business models of America's most craven corporate media outlets, it is only going to get worse.

For example, on "This Week With Whoever Hasn't Already Gone On Vacation" bag-of-vipers-that-walks-like-a-man Rich Lowry allowed as how, yes, the Dirty Russkies had, in fact, fucked with our election --
LOWRY: Right, there's no point trying to sugar-coat this or get Jesuitical (ph) about it. Yes, Russia tried to manipulate our election. Yes, it's appalling. Yes, it should be investigated and taken seriously...
-- but hey, seeing as Hillary Clinton was the fuckee, who really cares amirite people!
...But I do think -- you look at actually what WikiLeaks came out with, most of it was just gossipy interest, except for like this Doug Band (ph) memo from a Clinton crony in black and white who explained the Clinton Foundation was a profit center for Bill Clinton and people around him.

The Russians didn't make that up, that was all Hillary's vulnerability her own.
No word from the Infernal Regions about what the late Bill Buckley thinks about the steward of his legacy treating direct and massive Russian interference with our most sacred democratic institution as a nuisance somewhere between crabgrass and being screwed out of your fries at the drive-thru.

And speaking of the Infernal Regions, as foretold by prophecy, the unholy fruit of Mike Huckabee's unholy loins is reaping great rewards for fully committed herself to serving evil, and ABC has fully committed itself to making sure she has a public platform to share the teachings of His Infernal Majesty:
SARAH HUCKABEE, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: And that's going to bring me into my second point, whose fault was it? It wasn't like Donald Trump was in charge of cyber-security at the DNC, if anybody is to blame it's the Democrats, it's President Obama. His administration did not take cyber-security seriously. They did nothing to help stop this. They were in charge. And if there's anybody to blame, it's the Democrats, not Donald Trump.
Exactly!  Just as Sarah Huckabee would be to blame if someone punched her lights out because she refused to take precautions, like wearing a steel helmet at all times or never going out in public.

Hey look, it's Reince Priebus barraging exactly the same claptrap at a different, hapless haircut on a different channel!
STEPHANOPOULOS: No, but a hold a second.

PRIEBUS: -- if there's ever a report...

STEPHANOPOULOS: No, Mr. -- I’m talking about...

PRIEBUS: If there's ever a report...

STEPHANOPOULOS: I’m talking about...

PRIEBUS: Look...

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- the finding in October that is public now of 17 different intelligence agencies saying Russia tried to meddle with our elections. That’s before this weekend.

PRIEBUS: That’s not true. George, you don’t know -- you don’t know that conclusively. The report also said that there wasn’t agreement among the 17 agencies. When the FBI came out -- they came out -- when there was a conclusion on the DNC, their conclusion was very clear and they made it public. Now, if the CIA...

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s what I’m talking about,

PRIEBUS: -- or whoever else comes out...

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- that's precisely the conclusion I’m talking about, but the president-elect says he doesn't...

PRIEBUS: But they didn't...

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- accept that either.

PRIEBUS: -- but they didn’t conclude that it was Russia. George, but they didn’t conclude it was Russia. I’m not -- I don’t care -- listen, I don’t care if it’s Russia or whoever, they shouldn’t -- we’re going to protect Americans. We don’t want these countries or whoever else these people are hacking our country, our parties, our -- we protect our Americans. We don’t like it. We’re against it.

But what I can’t do is have an intelligent conversation with you about a report in "The New York Times" that is unnamed, inconclusive, and based on something that isn’t true.
This is what the next four years are going to look like, so buckle up.

I would dig into this weekend's scariest development, but I don't have the stomach or time for it.

Trump Says He Doesn't Need Daily Intelligence Briefings: I'm 'Smart'


Davis Statton said...

Fuck you, Ron; you and your fellow village idiots "allowed" the race to be so close.

Ronald Showalter said...

Funny, how this glaring bit of asshattery is NOT being talked about in MSM:

The POS Trump say too bad no one brought up Russian etc before the election and there he is getting schooled about Russian interference by HRC herself during the last debate.

And then there's also this:

Trump says he don't need no stinking intel briefings but there are his tweets excoriating BO for the very same thing.


Robt said...

You have to figure. Whatever gets investigated over this hacking. Won't included the hackable voting machines.
The only conclusion for a republican majority is how to utilize foreign interference in their behalf in the next election. Of course, there must be more purging of the voter roles. Anyone with a name that consists of a Russian constinent as, Z, K I, Y are going to need extreme voting vetting. If that vetting is incomplete before election. They cannot vote (as Rush begins his show to GOP listeners telling them to have their names changed and surgically remove these Continents).

All the talk of "fake news" pointing out only Breitbart and Infowars: is utterly incompetence by the so called reputable news. FOX has been doing Fakery bakery GOO from it;s GOP conception. There used to be one or two opposing voices that would point FOX's slime out with a vengeance. As Keith Olbermann's "worst Person in the World" segment pushed and shoved back for all to see.

As FOX refused to air the President's speech to it's viewers concerning health care. Before the speech was finished air on other networks. FOXy Hannity clipped out part of the speech. Out of context and began his FOX truth of what the President said "so harshly condemning health care executives as the liberal communist slandered such food and great Godly people. (Completely unlike Trump IE Boeing).
You will have to copy and paste to browser/youtube search.
Place in the records for anyone that would dare defy their conservatism superior mind and "ASK.
Is their truth to the lies.

Search youtube "sean hannity busted".

A major so called news network dishing out the fakery bakery goo. As other networks tended to legitimize FOX for more career opportunity perhaps. Degrading their own networks credibility.
Notice the date.
For the likes of me, I have been searching for "any" FOX reports that have ever took the President as plainly as presented let alone without the doctoring of whatever he said or done without the undermining smearing misleading GOO.

And Todd or Stephy continue to legitimize the intended inherited benefactors recipients of of the negative fakery They enable. No, I do not think it is out of incompetence. I've concluded after this long term lying illness it is produced. (the Bakery) in the fakery. The Goo is what gets stuck in the minds of viewers. produced Reality TV, World Wrestling Federation, FOX News, Columbus discovered America, and Jesus was a conservative.
A bugs Bunny cartoon holds more truth to ponder.
many of these folks will be financially insulated to what tis done in the name of Government. The rest of America will have to find boot straps and fight amongst themselves over the few that remain.
Why did the networks stop punching FOX for their Fakery?

trgahan said...

The "No Intelligence Briefings" story tells me Trump does not want anyone smarter than, but not beholden to, him within a hundred yards for the next four years (Trumps said eight in the interview).

I wonder who will be Trump's "Cheney" and charged with knowing what is really going on and acting on it. Trump/Pence/Ryan can and will do huge damage, but they have shown they have the political acumen of a chainsaw.

Like a game of Jingo, there are certain blocks that they can't move lest they tank the Beltway/Northern Virginia's 401k's. Republicans can blatantly fuck over a lot of demographics, but the white upper middle class isn't one of them.

So who will be telling the people coming out of the oval office with looks of utter terror, disgust, and/or frustration "Don't worry, he's just worked up about something else. Come to my office tomorrow and we'll work this out."

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, he doesn't need to read the PDBs, because that worked out so well last time:

-Doug in Oakland

bowtiejack said...

Trump is an honest-to-god psychopath (a person with an impaired brain - more snake than mammal). They're not all like Hannibal Lector. The erratic conduct (twitter wars, bankruptcies, epic lying, etc.) is a feature, not a bug. If you do google this, be sure and pay attention to the impulsivity, lack of control, narcissism, and grandiosity ("I have the best brain in the world") aspects. Again, these are features of the psychopath, not anomalies or bugs. As I say, they're not all like Hannibal Lector, but they are all damaged and extremely dangerous. Nuclear weapons bingo, anyone?

J.Tinker said...

Every time he says "I'm smart", I'm reminded of the episode of Star Trek TNG when Geordie was kid napped by two stupid but dangerous aliens who wanted him to make them powerful. They thought they were smart, too for capturing him. Gdamn moron.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

ONE: You've gone longer than expected without typing, "From Russia, With Trump." Avoiding the obvious joke, are we? :)

TWO: "Vlad the Elector." Clever.

THREE: "his sock puppet into the White House" I'd suggest a Trump/Elmo Photoshop, but the eyes might be creepy. Though I'm thinking Future Republican Unperson Donald Trump might be more accurately compared to either Saruman from "Lord of the Rings," or Rabban from "Dune," both of whom wrongly thought they could outwit the boss.

Be seeing you.

jim said...

Like Grandma always said:

"Whenever you see your text growing fat / Take a little time out to cuntpaste that"


Eh, never mind nukes - humble yet teeming oodles of subterranean critters will carry on even long after Sol develops catastrophic body image issues & sterilizes Earth's surface. Rest assured that one can safely assume that none of said bacteria, amoebae or fungi will re-invent false equivalence. Or Twinkies.

Combover Caligula is S.M.R.T. at parsing & exploiting an emerging Gestalt like a motherfucker. Computer illiterate but has made Twitter his bitch, nailed wingnuts' collective Id like a laser, even went Full Diva & turned on a GOP that many GOP voters have come to despise to cement his Bad Boy cred with the Deplorable Falange.

PROTIP: Belief that you can't be outsmarted by a more stupid opponent is an essential precondition for being involuntarily cured of that particular illusion.

Giveaway: "I don't care if it's Russia" ... dude, you could have just stopped after "care" but oh welp, bag vacant, cat AWOL.

Scotian said...

J. Tinker:

Trump as Pakled. Hmmm. Thanks for giving me an alternate, and less disgusting, image for that disgusting POS who is about to become POTUS.

Robt said...

Trump gets yo believe he is the decider. He will get to be the one that enlightens Americans of what he saw when he looked deeply into Putin's eyes.

Pence is the Cheney with a pat Robertson mandate directly from HIS God.
There won't be any lezbo daughter in Pence's reality show.

Rummy reborn will be in the State Dept this rerun.

Devos will get to play Armstrong Williams on Oxy-steroids.

Bannon is going to be the karl Rove but with Hitler's Brownshirts to cause havoc, fear and suppressions. He will funnel orders to be dispersed through Breitbart coded in fake news for calls to action.

Has anyone figured out where Putin will have his puppet place Paul Manafort?

bluicebank said...

@ bowtiejack

"Trump is an honest-to-god psychopath ..."

No argument here, though I'm open to him being a combo slop plate of that and sociopath, narcissist, anti-Christ, and short-dick complex.

Yardley said...

The Royal Orange Anus doesn't need any intelligence reports, because, he's like, really smart.

And, of course, his life long entrenched sense of self entitlement is affronted when the media calls him out on his assholery.

That is why the angry anal twitter expulsions. He couldn't keep his lies straight if he had to answer questions face to face at, like, a press conference.

If this country allows him to enter the oval office, they will get what they deserve.

Ronald Showalter said...

Srsly, this can't be allowed to go on:

Trump delays divestment press conference until AFTER the EC has voted.

keith gargus said...

Two things: One, does an old IE titled "Osama bin Laden determined to attack the US...yada yada yada" ring any bells? Donny is determined to make people forget the Chimps little Waterloo.
And two, if anyone thinks that the senate committee will connect the obvious dots between Il Douche, Manafort, WikiLeaks, and Putin, well I got a hot tip on a great portfolio manager named Madoff for you.

J.Tinker said...

Instead of Bin Laden determined to strike in the US, it should read Trump determined
to strike in the US. And to hold the door open for his bff Putin. It's treason, plain and simple.
He can't be allowed to take the oath.

Ed said...

You guys might want to take a break on Trump. After all, he did win the presidency on his first try @ politics. Bashing him makes you look silly.

Robt said...

"Look silly"

2009 inauguration day. prominent republicans meet and take path, with Mitch McConnell to< "make Obama a one term president".
How did that silly oath effect their oath to office of Defending the Constitution?.

I don't think you are looking very closely ED.

We are giving Trump the benefit of the doubt. But the guy spits on everyone for it because it is not enough. You need to get on you knees in front of him as he spoke of Romney. maybe then, he will accept your praise.

Are you (Americans) worthy to praise Trump?