Friday, December 09, 2016

In Late Breaking "We Told You So" News: Comrade Trump Still Sings Songs Of Love

I feel compelled to point out that back when Comrade Trump was declaring that his Party would be a Worker's Party, certain internet scoundrel hobos were trying in vain to call Meathead America's attention to the fact that, according to Comrade Trump's own words...

Comrade Trump Sings Songs Of Love
Comrade Trump promises that under his regime he will...
...tell American companies what they can produce and where they can produce it.

...tell American companies who they can hire and how much they will be paid.

...use the power of government to keep American workers working in dying industries despite what the market says.

...conquer inferior countries who have stuff we want.

...weed out the undesirables whoever they may be and wherever they may hide. an axis of strong alliances with other like-minded Strong Men around the world.

...not be held hostage by the counterrevolutionary forces of bourgeoisie science.

Comrade Trump does all this because he loves you all so very, very much:

But who want to listen to internet scoundrel hobos when The Most Famous Reporter In The World can put the full might of his internet-billionaire-backed enterprise behind an entirely different story, which was lovingly recounted here in the Russian-puppet-zine Sputnik:
Mainstream McCarthyism: Greenwald Blasts Media’s Anti-Russian Trump Attacks

In an interview with Slate Magazine, Glenn Greenwald let a rip on the mainstream media’s coverage of the rise of Donald Trump and feckless attempts to discredit the Republican standard-bearer by associating him with Moscow and flat out accusing him of being a Russian agent, Manchurian candidate, or a Putin puppet.

What concerns Greenwald is the rampant fabrications and false narratives spun against Trump solely in the name of impacting the presidential "horse race" which he views as akin to the death of journalism.
Since Mr. Greenwald moved way above my pay grade and blocked me I haven't paid much attention to his antics, and his Purity Horde has largely moved on to pester larger targets.  But I must say I still find it hilarious when Glenn "Anyone who disagrees with me is a drooling jackbooted Obot stooge and betrayer of all things Progressive" Greenwald suddenly decides to get all pissy and righteous about what he perceives to be the ad hominem attacks of others.  


Lit3Bolt said...

GG was, and always will be, a huckstering self-promoting lawyer who found he could use this "internet" along with this "journalism" lying around get a seat at the billionaire's table. After years of pious self-righteousness and wrapping himself up in the Constitution, Edward Snowden fell into his lap, and he quickly used Snowden to enrich himself and claim a seat next to Jill Stein at Putin's table. For some reason for little Glenn, American Presidents with unchecked power and corrupt ties to corporations deeply bother him, but Russian Presidents with unchecked power and corrupt ties to corporations must be protected at all costs from all criticism.

But I'd like to thank GG for making me realize ideological purity can simply be bottled up and weaponized in order to spread confusion and disinformation among a populace.

duquesnepdx said...

GG can go fuck himself sideways. Fucking enabler of Russian hacking of the election.

Ronald Showalter said...

My favorite part about GG is that not too long ago the fake-left was up in arms about GG's boss having funded the coup in Ukraine but now that he's giving them cover for their Trump-love, well, all's good.

Any port in a Trump love-fest, I reckon.

Also, if anyone still listens to a word of GG's after his cashing in on the whole Eddie Snowden mini-series then there is no hope for them anyways.

In the long-run, though, IMHO, the reason that the CIA supposedly didn't leak what they knew about Russia or blow the whistle is b/c like any competent intelligence network there was more value in them standing aside and allowing all of the criminals to show their faces as the theft of the election continued.

I'm sure they now have a nice long list of people/collaborators to work through. Whether this will ultimately benefit the common person would remain to be seen.

proverbialleadballoon said...

How do Democrats start framing the Issues? that's what I want to know. Republicans frame every issue and the Press uses Republican framing, which is what the public gets. How do we go on offense here, and not always be playing defense.

And I'll open the conversation with: Concerted effort, point of attack; if this is a chess game, we need to make the moves that set up the move in the middle of the board that gains us the positioning. Twitter is knight to C3 (an early-game move). Now what?

Mike Lumish said...

The splintering of the old Liberal/Left working coalition continues apace, and people are finding themselves with all sorts of strange bedfellows. This rush of support for known Russian intelligence fronts - by people I really would have expected to know better - is bigger and deeper than just the risible antics of our old buddies Pernicious G and little Davey Atkins.

Where will all this end? The Magic Eight Ball is confused, but I seriously doubt that we are steering towards the Social Democratic Utopia.

Ronald Showalter said...

Many of the most alt-left sites/bloggers painted themselves into a corner when post-Bernie they fed into their irrational/juvenile hatred of all things DLC/HRC and starting saying that a Trump presidency might not be a bad thing as it would surely prevent WWIII among other asinine things un-tethered from reality.

Whether these commentators - some foreign - were either too drunk on their own perceived cleverness/smugness to see that they were mimicking the exact scripts of right-wing nutjobs circa 1993 and/or that their opinions may have been molded/helped along by foreign influence remains to be seen.

However, once Trump et al stole the election, to maintain their "cred" many of these alt-left sites/bloggers have doubled-down in support of Trump even in the face of the continuing unfolding disaster that Trump and his coterie are as human beings because to admit that they - the alt-left bloggers etc - had made a mistake would mean that they would have to take many of the same positions of more mainstream places/sites such DKos etc and these cool kids can't have that.

GG and others need to be "cool/alt" and support Trump et al or they will lose clicks which is more important than being moral and fighting against the human piece of garbage that is Donald Trump and his pack of shite.

bluicebank said...

Dear Mr. Driftglass: Stealing your Photoshop.

Also, I am now entering the fifth stage of grief: Stoically examining the detritus of the on-going Orange train wreck, frame by fucking frame. In the early November frames, you will notice one Casey Jones, a railroader from your neck of the woods at the Illinois Central Railroad. Casey, in frame 1900, can be seen jaw-dropped at the moment of realization that the brakes are burnt to their studs, and that the coal team are furiously shoveling the shit. Casey checks his watch and notices way too many pennies on the track ahead. In frame 2016, we see flagmen waving about frantically, signalling to Casey to either jump, decouple the passenger cars, or shoot the morons shoveling coal.

It's all quite interesting, in a forensics sense of the word.

Robt said...

Not sure why he gets much play in discussing America.

I mean he chose not to live here.

Why doesn't he get all involved in the country he lives. Is it that perfect?

Robt said...

Come to realize.
I have no idea where GG positions himself on airport lounges.

Do you?

June Butler said...

There are so many reasons to despise GG. He's a cheap grifter who's succeeded at grifting, more's the pity. How fitting that he's a friend of Putin/Trump. Get ready for the joint presidency of the US by the two scoundrels.

Belvoir said...

From what I've read extensively over the past couple of years, it is not beyond the realm of reason to wonder if Mr. Greenwald, Blowhardy Esq., is not somehow receiving some sort of compensation himself in his (fancy and impressive) Brazilian redoubt, indirectly in a currency that began once in roubles. Okay, I'll just say it, I think he's on the take. Putin spends millions buying useful idiots, why not Greenwald? Lord knows how else he makes a living, his writing is so sleep-inducing and repetitive and overlong and so, so self-righteous. About the evils of America and Obama and Hillary Clinton. It makes absolute perfect sense that he is defending Putin. Because he is a grating arsehole.

steeve said...

When a liberal "isn't sure what to say next", it's always in the context of "these other ten thousand facts won't make you vote against trump??"

John said...

I find Glenn Greenwald fairly annoying, but I think he has a good point about anonymous sources. The WAPO is not to be trusted.