Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

As it turned out, the learned and cosseted lords and ladies of the American media once again had no idea what the fuck they were talking about when they laughed and mocked the very notion that a horde of "grumpkins and snarks and all the other monsters" that Liberals warned them about were, in fact, very real and on the march.

Of course they got it wrong.  Because they always get it wrong.  Because they get paid to always get it wrong.

And now that those nonexistent grumpkins and snarks have breached the Beltway, it falls to those of us who have actually seen the White Supremacist Walkers in the flesh and have been warning that They Are Coming to save the nation once again.

And the very kindest fate the professional pundit class deserves is to be collectively paraded though the streets, heads shaved, wearing signs that read "I Collaborated".



trgahan said...

"...wearing signs that read "I Collaborated"."

I find it hard to believe that by the final month before the election the Media didn't know that detailed reporting about Trumps hurt his campaign while those about "EMAILS!" negatively effected Hillary.

So the last three weeks before the election, the media gave primetime/above the fold consumers nothing by EMAILS! thanks to Comey and banal "Trump campaigned stopped here" fluff reporting....the polls tightened. A recent analysis shows many "undecided" voters previously supporting Clinton flipped during the final week before the election.

Collaborated indeed.

and that fact is what frustrates me about people who complain "Democrats just need to message better!"

Considering any message (no matter how well crafted) would have to be disseminated through a collaborating media to be effective, how would that message be allowed out without sandwiching it between commentary by right wing media hitmen?

MikeAdamson said...

The Ellison video is my favourite gotcha of all time. It really sums up modern media smartly.

Robt said...

This stuff takes me back to the good old days where the press waived pom poms high when GW Cheney sent American military to strike Afghanistan training camps of Al Qaida. Which even I could agree after 9/11. Then it turned into American might fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and the media waived their pom poms higher and while assuming the position on their knees to best satisfy the Conservative fear mongering.
So when GW Cheney moved on invading and conquering Iraq under false pretenses (as Afghanistan war slogged on. They raise their pom poms even higher, dropped their drawers and bent over for every inch the conservatives on viagra could provide.

And tell me,
what coverage did the congress critters get? You know, where were the video and audio of "you lie", "make him a one term president". Never heard the phrase 'do nothing congress" during the election.
We got Donny's empty podiums until he came out and finished puking on it.

Gee, it is as though the media folks are financially immune to most of Trump's promises of punishment. And Trump as president provides them with so much to report on ( or not) so to divert attention. So much profits in it for the media world with Trump. Now I can't say for sure. And Both sides of the media does this. And KellyGirl Conway has a new job she was appointed to as< Tax Burden".
So you know,
With Gas prices at $6.00 per Gal under Obama. Trump promises to bring gas prices down around $2.oo per Gal on day one.

I never thought Trump would be able to be so victorious before taking power to "WIN " the War on Christmas.

(although The Don never quite said which side of that war he was on or which side won).