Thursday, December 22, 2016

Another Report From High Above My Pay Grade

This week, The SuperPAC as Big as the Ritz.

From The Washington Post:
Priorities USA positions itself as center of gravity for the left in the Trump era.

The super PAC that poured nearly $200 million into trying to elect Hillary Clinton president is remaking itself as a permanent center of opposition to the impending Trump administration, with the long-term aim of helping the Democratic Party claw back voters it lost in the November election.

Priorities USA Action is merging with a nonprofit voting rights group called Every Citizen Counts to form an expanded organization with an ambitious agenda, according to veteran Democratic strategist Guy Cecil, who ran both organizations and will lead the merged group.

The group — which already has the backing of allies such as Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the American Federation of Teachers, the Human Rights Campaign and the Latino Victory Project — could serve as a major center of gravity on the left as Democrats seek to regain their footing in the Donald Trump era.

The myriad efforts could tax the resources and attention of liberal contributors, many of whom are dispirited by the election results and questioning whether their funds were well spent.

Still, some of Priorities USA’s major donors already are lining up behind the group. The organization has $10 million in commitments, and big contributors such as Chicago investor J.B. Pritzker have expressed interest in Cecil’s plans.

“We’re trying to build the overall capacity of the progressive infrastructure,” he said.

To do so, the organization is taking on a broad portfolio, assuming tasks that traditionally are in the purview of the national party...
Sure.  OK.  The check is in the mail, I'll respect you in the morning and I just wanna build your overall infrastructure capacity baby!

I wish all the swells with the ginormous checkbooks the very best of luck with all of that.  I also do not expect to see any Liberal lean & hungries out here in the cornfields to see pfennig of it, nor do I expect to see the Left's paltry stockpile of what it lacks most sorely -- reliable, wide-spread radio and television media platforms -- increased by a single kilowatt.

So while the Big People with Big Money fight on the mountaintops far away from here, I'll just be doing my thing, right here, with what I have, for as long as I can.


bowtiejack said...

And a good thing it is!

Dave said...

I'm going to poopoo the idea of a super pac.

Hillary already had all the money in the freaking world and still lost. In fact, I believe if there is simply a non republican choice in two years, that person will more or less win.

This is a hidden dagger to liberals and dems. There are going to be a lot of pissed people ready to run for office, and the money is there to help push the most centrist one up front. And if that centrist win, he's just going to be a little traitor as the crazy republicans wage war on the american people.

This is our first test for the heart and soul of the democratic party. If I learned anything from Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. You just need the right message, the rest will come to you.

We need to start rewarding the people on our side with the best message... and those people won't have any money and will be forced to use the infrastructure that is already there for them on the internet.

Dr. Puck said...

I don't know about PUSA, (can't really grab it,) but, still, the ongoing carnage should be documented and released as PSA's.

Claw back deplorables who suddenly lost their health insurance and can't afford the chemo on their own dime?

The Kraken said...

Build an infrastructure sounds good, but how much of those big dollars will just be thrown away on experts who don't talk to or organize people, ads that don't reach anyone, and efforts that simply support and extol the same professional class nonstarters like charter schools and free trade that working people don't like to begin with?

What we do need are platforms to spread actual news like that awesome post you made about all the manufacturing initiatives that the Obama administration undertook but got zero coverage. Kind of like the old labor run newsletters and papers that could be done on the internet if it wasn't such a mess.

I wrote a post before the election that all the Bernie supporters should make their next $27 contributions to an outfit looking to buy all of those AM stations left orphaned and shuttered when iheartradio collapses. That's probably above my pay grade too though.