Saturday, November 05, 2016

Things To Say In Springfield When Your Candidacy Is Dead

This was the headline in the State Journal-Register today.

The headline.

If you're denying, you're losing.

If you're denying on the front page, in the headline, three days before the're already dust.


proverbialleadballoon said...

"I mean, how could her ancestors fight in the Revolutionary war when they were plucking rice in China, amirite?!" looks around with a 'nailed-it!' look on his face.. crickets..not even a reaction from Duckworth.. Debate moderator: "so, moving on.."

Two weeks later: "I'm not a racist, I'm just a spectacular idiot who couldn't be bothered to google Duckworth, which is where my retort faceplants factually and just goes on to sit there and stink with the racist stuff that _you people_ interpret into it. Why can't you people see that?"

Which is not a winning strategy, and obviously his stroke has affected his brain, but yeah, there's one of the 'reasonable conservatives' pulling his own pants down to show the state his ass. He was already toast, that's when the toast got buttered and slathered with jam.

Happily voted-early for Duckworth, this is the third time she's got my vote (IL congress and US rep), and her statement she made to which Kirk retaliated with his zinger typifies why she is someone who should be making those types of decisions. Kirk used to have my sympathy, though I didn't and never would have voted for him. Now he is that video clip as far as I'm concerned. Someone to point and laugh at.

proverbialleadballoon said...

edit* sorry forgot the second part where his retort fails spectacularly: "..Purple Heart-decorated, enlisted in the service as a graduate student, Daughter of the American Revolution, father fought in two real wars, service to the country in her blood, Tammy Duckworth." a) Kirk questioned her family's service, something that can be factually verified in like two seconds, b) Kirk dissed a decorated officer who volunteered for the possibility of getting her legs blown off when she could have become a (whatever she was studying) aka someone who put their money where their mouth is. We have to skip over a) he's factually wrong, and b) looks like a jackass talking shit to a woman with a Purple Heart in her chest of drawers, to get to the racism. In other words, racism should be the least of his problems when it comes to that statement.

banker puppy said...

Let's not forget his "bro with no ho, that's what we say on the South Side" remark from last year. If the shoe fits, etc.

Back in 2000 Kirk shook my hand, looked me in the eye, and lied. He's had a cushy career in DC since then, with little to show for it. It's appropriate that he'll be sent packing.

Marc said...

Kirk is not toast - he'll lose this election only to go on some wingnut welfare, crying how PC politics have gotten sine women were allowed into the club. Wash, rinse, repeat for anyone else who doesn't return to Congress on the GOP side. Oliver North is the standard to which you can fail and still be 'honored' by the GOP grift machine. Anything beyond that is uncharted territory, so by that measure, Mr. Kirk is still in the 'employable' zone.

Jimbo said...

Wow, it is delightful reading the Illinois commentators as well as our distinguished host. Kirk seems like a Gigantic Dick for sure. My Rep and soon-to-be Senator is Chris van Hollen so I got no complaints from his Congressional service (and he's good about that). Of course, it's the party of outright sedition and treason that is the real problem with government. And even if Clinton wins and the Senate goes blue we will see the resurrection of nullification and the further disintegration of Rule of Law in the Red States.

Robt said...

How did that,
"I am not a crook" work out for that Nixon feller?

What of that,
"I am not a witch" girl?

Would it be asking too much for Trump to say,
"I am not a fascist"--------------------------------?