Saturday, November 05, 2016

Barron The Anchor Baby: A 2016 Christmas Carol

To be sung to the tune of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer""
Barron the Anchor Baby
Had a very Orange Dad
(And if you ever asked him
He also has an "Uncle Vlad")

All of the other Anchors
Used to mock his Daddy's Wall
But Barron will have the last laugh
When Daddy's goons deport them all.

Then one crisp Election Day,
Lefties came to say,
Barron's Daddy is a blight,
He'll be toast by dusk tonight.

Then True Cons will disavow him.
The Beltway will shout out with glee:
"None of this ever happened,
There's no such thing as history!"

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Jimbo said...

Well, counting chickens and all that, ok? And in NC and FL the GOP government is busy with voter fraud and suppression, you can be sure. This election should never have been this apparently close. The Russians, Wikileaks, the FBI and the GOP - this is an unprecedented conspiracy to undermine American Democracy and when this is over a lot of FBI agents should be prosecuted under the Hatch Act.

Cugel said...

Very amusing. I like it. But, the GOP is not going to repudiate Trumpism. They are rushing to embrace it. They will all convince themselves "you know, this fascism thing is a really popular with our base. We should embrace the Wall & get more authoritarian populist." The Weeds Podcast has been interviewing #neverTrump Republicans and that's their solution: posing as populists: calling for higher tariffs and protectionism to con the Nativist base. "Trumpism without Trump!" Because the alternative is to say "OK, we're getting killed by Latinos. We're losing Florida, NC. NV, VA & CO are off the map for us in Presidential elections. Maybe we should support comprehensive immigration reform with amnesty?"

Much easier to say: "Any generic Republican other than Trump, would have beaten Hillary! The GOP threw away a golden chance to win the election." The #neverTrumpers are saying that already! Their biggest regret is that Ted Cruz didn't win the nomination so they could say to the base "we tried it your way and got killed! We need to moderate."

Unless they want their party to split, they have no choice but to rev up the Clown Car, strengthen the bumpers and get ready to drive it into the wall at 120 mph in 2020. "Fourth time's the charm!"

Jerry B said...

Man, it's not even Thanksgiving yet.

banker puppy said...

First off, Barron is a child. He has no ability to change what his father does. I'm a great fan of tuneful political parody, but dragging a ten-year-old into it is a bit much for me.

Second, Barron isn't an anchor baby. His mother was a legal resident at the time of his birth and became a citizen shortly afterward.

But you do have the knack, driftglass.

jim said...

Their worst fear: that in 2016 the "RESET" button is going to be exactly as useful as the digital aerobics hardware located at many crosswalks.

"We've secretly replaced the corporate media's beloved Memory Hole with a Whoopee Cushion marinated in butyric acid. Let's see if they notice!"