Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Poor Sid Miller. Got the Republican Mad Cow, Don'tcha Know.

Sid Miller's foul tweet calling Clinton the c-word, and his lame excuses, embarrass Texas

Texas Agriculture Secretary Sid Miller has done everything he can to signal that he's for Donald Trump in Tuesday's election. But on Tuesday he so embarrassed himself -- and Texas -- that even the famously trash-talking Trump ought to ask him to sit this one out.

It began with a terribly vulgar tweet sent out under Miller's name on Tuesday afternoon that referred to Clinton as a four-letter c-word. Miller came under immediate fire, of course. What he did next reveals much about his character. First, his staff took to Twitter to send a doubly-dishonest message under his name. It said "the disgusting re-tweet" had been removed. And alerted the world that his account had been hacked.

Both statements were false.

The account had not been hacked. And the offensive tweet had not been a re-tweet.

Later that day, Miller's spokesman, a paid employee of the state of Texas, explained that an "over-zealous staffer" had sent the tweet. To further distance his office, and Miller, from the offensive language, the state-paid spokesman also explained that the staffer had "copied and pasted" the vile language from some other, undisclosed tweet that had so captured his attention he stole the language for use in the tweet that would go out under Miller's name.

"Not guilty by reason of plagiarism" is a new one on us...
Republican Mad Cow (or, as it has been known to medical professionals since 2006, Rovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) is a tough beat.

Nothing for it, really, but the rendering plant.

Or a bright future in the Party of Personal Responsibility.


keith gargus said...

No words to express my contempt for the whole good ol' boy attitude of the GOP. It isn't Donny, it's the Party. The are vermin that getting bleached by sunlight. Die motherf*ckers.

RUKidding said...

This kind of shit has gone on 24/7/365 throughout Obama's whole term in office. Tons of utterly offensive racist shit emails eminating from emails & FaceDump & Twitter posts from all sorts of GOP elected pols from dog catcher in up. And they ALL do the same bs lying deflection dance where they blame it on someone else or say their damn accounts were hacked or whatever lies they think they can shit out. It's the Paula Deen defense from the party of Christiany Sharia "family values & personal responsibility ". I'm so thoroughly sick of these white supremacist misogynistic homophobic greedy lying assholes that I could scream.

Nothing has changed since the days of Nixon. Nothing. Greedy hypocritical lying assholes.

I'm just surprised it took THIS long for the C word to come out in public. You know it's been said privately all along. My loathing & contempt knows no bounds, but apparently I'm not supposed to say that bc it hurts the delicate "feelings" of Trump's white supremacist misogynist homophobic xenophobic fans. Fuck them.

Ron Skurat said...

Does the Hatch Act apply to State officials, or just Federal?

ChicagoPat said...

Jesus, have you seen this?

It's like this asshole never met Bush.

Dr.BDH said...

"The jerks aren't bright,
They're male and white,
Deep in the heart of Texas.
Their brains are small,
No balls at all,
Deep in the heart of Texas."

trgahan said...

So...Republicans can say anything they want about women in public, just can't use the C-word while doing it. Just like they can say anything they want about blacks or Hispanics as long as they avoid the n-word and the s-word.

If they follow those rules, the media treats their statement as "thought provoking," "forthrightness" and/or "signs of the frustrations with the establishment/elites/etc."

and I am the rude jerk dividing this nation for pointing any of that out.