Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today In Republican Detachment Disorder: Michael Gerson. Again.

Don't say that he's hypocritical.
Say rather that he's...apolitical. 
Once the Base is whipped up, who cares what they burn down?
That's not his department says Gerson the Clown...

For the, I don't know, hundredth time, life-long Republican, Conservative Christian and senior George W. Bush advisor and speechwriter --  a Mr. "Smoking gun/Mushroom cloud" himself -- once again finds himself shocked right down to the depths of his wallet to learn that the Republican Party, the Conservative media and the Conservative Christian movement are all, in reality (as one unemployable wretch once put it) one, giant midden pile of goblins, whores and assorted other rodent-people. 
Republicans deserve their sad fate
Yes  no one is more mortified to find that the Republican Party is full of Republicans than  life-long Republican and senior Republican advisor and speechwriter, Mr. Michael Gerson.  And so here comes the passive voice of George W. Bush's favorite word weasel:
What Trump actually did was ensure that hardcore conservatives stay with him until the end of his political journey, when Republicans begin the search for survivors and examine the charred black box.
See?  These two groups -- "hardcore conservatives" and "Republicans" -- are utterly different and unconnected in any way.  I mean, it's not like Republicans would throw a raving bigot like Rush Limbaugh a party and hail him as their "majority maker" 20 fucking years ago, because surely even a sensitive Christian like Michael Gerson would have noticed that!

No, all of these the problems of our stormy present are the fault of those people over there who are shitty and awful.   In fact, those people waaaay over there have been shitty and awful for decades! 
This kind of thing has been normalized in far-right discourse for decades. To the most partisan and polarized portion of the right, these excuses and accusations were familiar and appropriate...
If only someone had managed to traverse the millions of miles of fraught and dangerous wilderness between "hardcore conservatives" and "Republicans" at some point in the last 30 years and warned Michael Gerson and his little friends who run the Republican Party about what was going on over on the "far-right", maybe someone could have Taken Steps.  But hey, I mean it's not like the chairman of the Republican Party would go groveling for the approval of a raving bigot Rush Limbaugh seven years ago, because a perceptive True Conservative like Michael Gerson would definitely have noticed that!

Ah well.  Water under the Edmund Pettus Bridge. And Mr. Gerson wants to assure you that now that everything Liberals have been warning would come to pass has finally come to pass, well, Mr. Gerson and his many, dainty-hearted friends and well-wishers up on top of Big Rock Candy Mountain are just sick about it.  

Sick about it, I tell you.
To many people outside the talk-radio hothouse, I can attest, Trump’s debate performance was appalling, contemptible, shameful, squalid, vile. 
Ah, "many people" tell you these things.

I wonder if these are the same "many people" who tell Donald Trump what a genius he is?

Also, I wonder what value there is in the self-attestation of someone who lies for a living?

Vexing riddles.

Vexing riddles indeed.


tony in san diego said...

"squalid"...there's a good word. Don't hear it enough. Must not be much squalidity in the world.

jim said...


(warning: EPIC FAIL autoplays)

RUKidding said...

Who coulda predicted this this this Nazi monster? Who, I beseech you, who?? No one in my lily white circle of friends ever thinks or behaves this way (at least with their outside voice). Oh dear. Wir sind verklempft.

- offside: shaddup ya dirty fucking hippie shits. I said: shut the fuck up!