Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Go Lemmings Go! UPDATE

Lieutenant Colonel Donald George Armstrong Custer Trump is positive that his hell-for-leather, hey-diddle-diddle-right-up-the-middle charge will win the day.  Win it huge.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Alert Reader "Charles" for sending this perfect little gem of supplementary material along :-)


bowtiejack said...

Damnit! My grocery is out of GH Cretors popcorn.
This could not have come at a worse time.
I need to lay in a case of the stuff.

dinthebeast said...

I almost have to admire him for his pure batshit "this is about me, dammit, and I'll take the whole thing down if you diss me" craziness, then I remember that "the whole thing" could possibly include the United States of America were he elected, and so, no, not so much.
I'll take it, though.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

I fell sorry for a significant percentage of the relatives of the 30 million conservative voters, who during Thanksgiving, will have to hear how THIS was the moment when Trump "proved" he was planted by Killary (Trump used to be a Democrat! Did you know that!?!?) to sabotage the election right when Republicans were about to pull ahead and win an across the board landslide!

Lord help these noble, yet painfully loyal, sons, daughters, grandchildren, uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews, and all other kinds of kin if they don't just stare at their plates and nod along. Hopefully they won't be "rude" and ask for evidence for any of that.....they won't see pumpkin pie until midnight.

eVille Mike said...

I get the feeling this is Zhukov fixin' to make his move against the Seelow Heights.

The best thing right now is prob'ly for Melania to grab Barron and whatever she's got stashed in the back of her shoe closet, and split to Slovenia for a while.

Bunkers, black pills and gasoline pyres are not outa the question here.

RUKidding said...

Yes, part of me is enthralled - much as I hate to admit it - at Trump's sheer chutzpah. And I am partly sitting on the sidelines laughing clapping cheering & going: MOAR please!!

But then, reality intrudes & I'm so thoroughly disgusted w all of mean nasty squalid conservaworld that I could cry. What a bunch of shitheaded greedy nasty assholes. All of 'em, Katie, including every single rat NeverTrumper fleeing the charred remains of the USS Outside Voice Republican Party. Fuck 'em all.

Cugel said...

Trump could tell his slavering hordes to leave the down-ballot blank just to punish the party that "betrayed" them if enough Republicans went against him. But, I doubt many would do it. Most of them just vote straight ticket. The could leave it blank below Trump, but would they? If they make the effort to go vote, they're probably going to fill in all the boxes. It's kinda like a quiz, you don't like to leave questions blank for fear of getting a bad grade!

Robt said...

Not actually sure if I should BLAME Obama for this Cuckoo nest fly over the GOP or should I thank Trump?????

If elected, I will have all my executioners/// I mean prosecutors investigate Samantha Bee for her roll in all this GOP disorder.

Then again, If there was such a thing as the "Dirty Fucking Hippie" award. I would nominate her for it.

Can I get a second on that?

Charlesdillon said...

I second the motion.

proverbialleadballoon said...

What RUKidding said. It's funny, it's not funny, it's surreal. okay, this is hilarious though: (the vine of Anna Navarro in the first comment, in an article about the Samantha Bee segment): http://jezebel.com/sam-bees-take-on-pussygate-was-worth-the-wait-1787660364