Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fundraiser Day Three: Trump Surrogate Sentencing Guildlines

On any given day, by the middle of any given sentence, the typical Trump surrogate is already denying that they said what they said at the beginning of that sentence.

I swear to Jesus and John le CarrĂ©, I have had hamsters that were better at subterfuge than the professional brain wizards the Republican Party keeps sharting onto the national stage.  But then again, when your meatheads supporters are this far beyond the reach of reason ...

...why spend the money for better henchmen?

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trgahan said...

I honestly cannot think of a political weapon used since 1973 that has done more damage to our democracy than the "Pro-Life" movement.

Yeah, the NRA and Neoliberal "think tanks" are close runners up. But nothing since 1973 has mobilized the rank and file to consistently slit their own throats during elections than the imaginary version of America dreamed up by "pro-life" propagandists. The ocean of horrid shit these meatheads overlook, forgive, and/or ignore in their elected representatives the name of "saving babies!" from imaginary liberal blood lust is staggering.

John Taylor said...

Of course, the Trump surrogates never mention the widespread gerrymandering that Republicans have done. That is true voter fraud.

RUKidding said...

I liked the black dude's face & eyes in that bit.

Here I sit in Cambodia with these amazingly nice lovely people w this incredible history & culture. And yet scant decades ago the Khmer Rouge was engaged in a muderous torture spree that almost made Hitler seem sane.

I dunno. When I witness flaming shrieking lying shitheads like Vicki, it gives me pause. These creeps aren't rational. Any means to an end is their theme song. "God" has picked Trump. GAH.

With these creeps, the killing fields seem too close for comfort. Just saying.....