Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beatdowns Earned and Administered

One of the entertaining side-benefits of the implosion of the Trump campaign has been to watch the the action on the short, tightly curved and steeply graded tracks on which the surrogates-for-hire Karma train now runs

Of course  anyone with a scintilla of dignity or an erg of conscience left rattling around in their heads wouldn't get within a parsec of the Trump operation which means -- by definition -- that anyone who has tied their boats to the fortunes of Trump must be devoid of a conscience of dignity.

Under the best of circumstances, watching such reptiles ply their trade is cringe-worthy, but as flak commandos for the most staggeringly unqualified upright walking mammal to ever run for president under the banner of a major party, the daily professional self-immolation show they put on is positively transcendent.

With literally nothing in the policy toolbox of any substance to work with, and walking every day straight into the teeth of whatever 600 mph shitstorm their boss' latest giant fuck-up has unleashed, it is sometimes easy to forget these dead-eyed rodeo clowns haven't been hired on to spin gold out of some singer/songwriter's latest coke-and-hooker-and-DUI fiasco.  They leap out of their beds made of money every day to go to work for an openly racist, unhinged fascist who likes to wave his dick around in public and is also the nominee of the Party of Lincoln...

Which brings us to  Trump's dead-eyed sock-puppet, Kayleigh McEnany , whose Twitter bio reads "Christian. Conservative. @CNN Commentator. Harvard Law School. Georgetown SFS. Oxford University, St. Edmund Hall. Mets fan" and who has quickly and irrevocably become become known, as the saying goes, for "doing a certain thing that many of the other girls wouldn't do."

Here she is lying incompetently about ISIS:

And here she is taking long-overdue verbal beating on national teevee in the same program for the nearly incomprehensible awfulness of the shit pouring out of her pie-hole:

It is important to remember at all times that what you see on CNN and MSNBC and Fox is "news" in the same sense that "Twister" is an important bulletin from the National Weather Service and "Sharknado" is a documentary from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Not "news" at all, but carefully cast and coordinated teevee shows designed to look like news. 

This trend is killing our democracy. But every now and then, when the sheer vile absurdity of what they are doing overwhelms the format, it does have its moments.


bowtiejack said...

" . . . "news" in the same sense that "Twister" is an important bulletin from the National Weather Service and "Sharknado" is a documentary from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service."

Some years ago in NY, someone with an appropriate sense of humor sent out a casting call with the proviso "must speak fluent Etruscan". Etruscan, of course, being the language which preceded and was deader than Latin. The casting call was nonetheless jammed.

In a similar vein, I think MSNBC or CNN (or, hey, the Trump campaign!) could post a position which included a requirement to eat a baby on live TV and get a similar result. These sorts of people are never in short supply.

Jimbo said...

Fish and Wildlife Service currently lists the sharknado as "not threatened" on its Red List of Endangered Species.

Andrew Johnston said...

While not denying the lack of scruples among the Trump Train set, I'd attribute their behavior more to being extremely short-sighted. Attaching yourself to Trump definitely raises your profile, but it tarnishes your name - and in an age of personal branding, that's a killer. Who wants to be famous as the person standing in front of the flaming dumpster saying "Hey, the arsonist made a good point"? Someone who's thinking short, that's who.

Robt said...

Obama also founded the Tea Party, the KKK, OPEC, and Mickey Mouse Club.

Making it worse, He Co Founded Jon Birch Society, Palinista Revolutionists Party, and the Borg.

This man Obama is definitely a job creator. Just think of all the worker bees that must be in place for others to step on to get up to where they want to be.

Yet Obama's most noted accomplishment. manipulating the Force, re establishing the Return of the Jedi.

Preposterous you conservatives might say. But it has been said and it doesn't matter if the is no facts, evidence or circumstantial evidence to back it up. The claim is what makes it real.

Shouldn't these conservatives be careful, After all they have exposed how Obama uses Gubbermint False Flag Operations to take out his enemies. That he has shown no remorse or inkling to hold back from attacking conservatives with those tiny airplanes that control the weather to wreak havoc on conservative dense populations.

Beware hannity, Roger is no longer there to fry hump your back.

trgahan said...

Why does telling obvious, lazy, and factually-devoid-even-for-a-conservative lies on camera for money require someone with that much education?

In addition to the right continuing to use talking point well past their expiration date, they aren't even investing in good bullshit artists anymore.

Sadly, that may just mean they have control of the public square so completely that it simply doesn't matter anymore.

Unknown said...

Katrina Pierson does a great job of riding the Trump train. She takes whatever crazy bullshit Trump utters and shoves it up our arse.

Jason said...

Ok, that has to be my favorite GIF...and I hate GIFs.

Great post. I come here for the funny and the insightful thought provoking commentary but stay for the bile.

Here's a concern I have with this dog of a train wreck, dumpster fire, sh-t heap, thermonuclear disaster Trump campaign:

The American public is ignorant with such short term memories. Trump has set the bar so ridiculously low that he can keep this every 'ist' in the book, intellectually dishonest strongman abhorrence up until October, clean up his act by pretending to be a politician for a few weeks and the media will marvel at his statesmanship and his ability to act presidential. The public will think maybe just maybe he's not so bad after all, he'll surge in the polls and pull out a miracle win. You just know the media outlets are waiting for the phoenix rising narrative.

D. said...

Huh. I always preferred Hulk's authoritative takedown of Loki. (48 seconds in if you're impatient.)

Unknown said...

Text should read, lets talk about Donnies vicious lies and why he seems incapable of telling the truth. Nothing else matters. I don't understand the need for some bullshit point counterpoint format to discuss such garbage. The story is his lies, not the content of them.

RUKidding said...

Because I have no tv, I am mercifully unfamiliar with this particular blonde skinny bimbo vacant-eyed bobble-head, and I absolutely refuse to listen to one nanosecond of whatever's eminating from her pie hole.

Whose knob did she gobble to get this jawb? Zucker's? Does the Z-man operate like Jabba the Ailes? And was the gobbling better or worse than spewing the results out at "viewers" anxiously awaiting her metaphoric knob gobbling of the tiny fingered vulgarian?

Why does CNN "need" a whore with a Harvard law degree? Beats me. Seems like this being would be better served hawking her wares on the street in a red light district. At least, engaging in the world's oldest profession is more honest and sometimes results in providing happiness for the johns and compensation for honest work. The results of her hawking her wares on CNN are questionable, and her compensation is certainly not for honest work.

Ed said...

Where was the beatdown?

Robt said...

If I may,
Regarding What is desired of a conservative President. Like the Donald).

It was Grover Norquist that burped up in public, this little owner class ditty.

"We don't need someone who can think. We need someone with enough digits to hold a pen."
Grover Norquist

I imagine Grover figures to be the one that tells "his very own" president what to sign,.

In other words, Grover's Presidency. How close he was with GW Bush. Until Cheney came along and in the way.

For sure, Donald has fingers. He is qualified for president in The Grover's mind.

Ebon Krieg said...

Demfoolz said...

It is funny how you people can talk about beat downs and if d honor in the CNN panelists acting like violent idiots. But can put on your best hypocritical faces and attack Trump and accuse and project the leftist mindset and actions. Trump gets under your skin with his reality and truth. When you can offer substance as rebutted you throw his system fits, name call and become animalistic with violent tendancies. You support a know liar and professional scandal artist while wearing those truth blinders. Karma is becoming a biotch, we will sit and watch her deal with you left of center.

Spaceboy said...

If you can't be famous, be infamous.

Joe said...

I've just figured it out. When the GOP calls itself the "Party of Lincoln," they're referring to his comment about "you can fool some of the people all of the time...".