Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Megyn Kelly Was Known For Doing a Certain Thing...

...that many of the other girls wouldn't do.

From Slate Magazine:
Megyn Kelly Embraces Donald Trump in a Disgusting, Fawning Interview

For all the disgusting insults Donald Trump has lobbed at Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly—from retweeting someone calling her a bimbo, to implying she was on her period while moderating a debate—even the most naïve observer of politics and media in the Age of Trump must have known that Tuesday night was inevitable. And by “Tuesday night,” I don’t just mean a television special—this particular one on the Fox broadcast network, and moderated by Kelly with Trump as her star guest. Equally preordained was the fact that, at a time when Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and most of the Fox News Channel have made their peace with Trump, Kelly would eventually conduct a fawning, boring, and pointless interview with the presumptive Republican nominee...


New_Damage said...

Thank you for the diaeresis in "naïve."

New_Damage said...
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Paul Wartenberg said...

I remain convinced the real power in the Republican Party is now Fox Not-News. Whatever THEY - i.e. Roger Ailes - say, goes. Fawning over Trump is merely their way of keeping their ratings - and outrage meter - up.

trgahan said...

Since the Sunday shows, it has been clear the Great Rebranding is in full swing. We laughed at Trump Looks Presidential but now that all the knees are bending, it is becoming a "fact" in the discourse.

By August the media will be dismissing Trump's racism, sexism, willful ignorance, and general unqualified presence as a liberal fever dream.

RUKidding said...

From Slate: "...the whole feud had an air of phoniness to it, with each participant cleverly using it to garner attention; like a presidential campaign, ratings season in the news business never really ends."

Why yes, yes it did, which is why this cozy, but utterly meaningless performance "art," was inevitable from Day One.

I cringed when some lefty websites and publications all lined up to kiss Kelly's heiney because she is the "smart one" on Fox, and she had been so "wronged" by awful sexist Trump. And now we must all grovel to Kelly and say what a wonderful, STRONG woman she is, and how she's not like all the other bimbo blondes on Fox who wear short short bandage dresses to show off their knickers.

Oh really? Pull the other one.

Kelly's right in there with the rest of that low-life crowd. She has a law degree? Ya don't say? So what? How is she using that degree? To advance an evil and insidious agenda full of lies and bullshit meant to harm her "viewers," whilst she walks away with million$. I'm supposed to "feel sorry" for Kelly bc Trump said mean things to her about her menstrual cycle? Please. It was RATINGS GOLD for BOTH of them, and both of them KNEW IT and USED IT to THEIR mutual advantage. FROM THE BEGINNING.

This "interview" was always the outcome. Always.

I hear-tell that Rupert initially didn't like Trump, which is why he may have encouraged Kelly to go "hard" (ha ha) on Trump. But I knew that Murdoch would eventually kowtow to Trump, bend his knee and kiss his heiney. Guess Trump's got the last laugh now, eh?

If I read/hear one more "lefty" defending "War on Christmas" Kelly, I'll surely puke. US citizens sometimes are the hugest boobs out there. PT Barnum or Abraham Lincoln or whoever it was was right: Fox and Trump can certainly fool MOST of the people at least SOME of the time. Obligatory: wake up sheeples.

John Taylor said...

This is what's masquerading as media in this country. It's very sad.