Friday, April 29, 2016

Professional Left Podcast #334

"I still don't understand your scheme, Witchiepoo.
-- Orson Vulture H.R. Pufnstuf

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Robt said...

Perhaps a bit off the the podcast points.

I want to point out that the MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid countered their conservative blatherer.
I do this to give a morsel of justification to what the Driftglass has iterated. What most of us have been aware of. How the media promoted the Tea and crumpets party republicans.
One of the most obvious observations for me is that not one T-Potter ran outside the Republican party. Not one sits in a Congressional seat other than establishment republican. Oh sure, for promotional advertising, they made a T Potter caucus. (republicans).
Not libertarians, not independents, not the Conservative party, not the Democratic party..

So Driftglass and others,
take a nibble of justification for our past position on the republican rebranding after GW Voldemort's presidency.

Actually spoken in the english language on the TV.

HARRIS: And going back to your comments about the protesters, there are people out there who are professional protesters, who have admitted they've answered things like ads on Craig's List for protesters, a lot of them are there being paid, now there are those who really care about the issue. But it's true, that there... a lot of people financing them to be out there and protest but, God Bless America, they got the right to do it if they don't like the candidate.

REID: It's interesting, Heidi, that's an interesting comment given the fact that the entire Tea Party movement was based on very well-financed protests with professionally printed signs, pretending to be 'grass roots.'

Thank you DG for you solid position on this foggy media illusion. The same one that provides the Donald with all that free media to "Catapult the propaganda".

Chan Kobun said...

re Gerson: I glossed over the stuff he wrote because reading people like him tends to make blood vessels in my eyeballs explode and I'd like to keep them intact if it's all right with y'all, but hearing you talk about his blathering reminded me of this from some months ago:

Donald Trump is not “a cancer on conservatism”, as Rick Perry put it, he is conservatism’s id unleashed.
He is every nasty thought a "real American patriot" redneck has about brown people in his neighborhood.
He is every middle-class asshole who flees the city because it’s too “urban”.
He is every rich prick who wonders why he should ever have to give to charity because he thinks the poor must have done something to deserve it.
He is every blood-drunk rightist pundit who beats the drums of war and shouts down any who oppose as “cowardly” and “appeasers”.
He is every racist codeword and dogwhistle.
He is every thought traded in private between “just us” in the conservative circles that would get them flayed alive in public.
He is every latent desire for cleansing by police brutality, infighting, or “pre-emptive war” of every group of people the right wants to see disappear.

Donald Trump is not “a cancer on conservatism”. DONALD TRUMP IS CONSERVATISM.

dinthebeast said...

Yeah, when Hillary made that gesture to the letter-carrier, I heard Blue Gal in the back of my mind saying Go postal union!

-Doug in Oakland