Saturday, February 06, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down -- Early Edition

Here is a handy list of people whose say things that are so consistently wrong and ridiculous that in any other profession they would have been Burt Petersoned long ago...

...but who will nonetheless offered up to the viewing public once again as credible, insightful professionals the Sunday Shows this weekend:

For reasons known only to Shuck Todd's wealth manager, "Meet the Press" will once again drape the tattered, shit-stained mantle of it's long-gone credibility around the shoulders of Hugh Hewitt, but for but for both total yardage and points on the board, ABC's "This Week" wins the Useless Hack title by putting Cokie Roberts and Matthew Dowd and Bill Kristol together again on the same stage.


..."Sunday Morning Futures" on Fox News Channel will let you watch GOP hitman Ed Rollins and disgraced "journalist" Judith Miller make noises at each other.

..."Fareed Zakaria GPS" will point a camera at David Frum, presumably to burble on about how awful it is that some very irresponsible Republican establishment types people who are definitely not David Frum let the Republican party go to pot.

...and the irony of CNN's "Reliable Sources" having Matt Lewis on to pimp a book entitled "Too Dumb To Fail" is thick enough to pound railroad spikes through a cinderblock.

Having documented the same atrocities being perpetrated by many of the same goofs for 11 years now, I have to say the omerta code of the American political teevee industry is fucking amazing. Tens of thousands of employees coming and going at all levels of dozens of organizations, and not a one of them will go on the record anywhere to lay out the details of the corrupt bargains being struck behind closed doors that not only guarantee ghouls like Bill Kristol a job forever, but also guarantee that no one will ever ask any of this menagerie of sock-puppets, toadies and hacks any uncomfortable questions about their horrendous record of being wrong about everything.  


bowtiejack said...

I think you can probably sleep in tomorrow morning. I mean what's the point?
I too have tried to puzzle all this out for a long time (although not so effectively and wittily as you) and it's like The Enlightenment never happened?
Any science is just a "theory"?
Quantum mechanics and cell phones are real, but global warming isn't?
Facts and logic have to sit in the back row, because we're giving the stage and the good seats to belief and "informed opinion"?
Although we won't hear about it tomorrow with this collection of fawning courtiers and hacks, even the Head Vampire Squid is starting to get nervous.
My own patch of blue among the cloudy overcast of Sunday stupidity and venality is the guy who once said "Things go on until they don't." Perhaps the improbable rise of Bernie Sanders is a sign of that.

wagonjak said...

The only weekend talk show I can even bear anymore is Melissa Harris-Perry...UP is another useless he said/she said travesty and you've pointed out how pathetic all the rest are. And even Chris Hayes during the week has become another Trumpapalooza. Rachel still gives us some different views on the clown circus, even though she does seem to be a little bit too thrilled with the whole bullshit show. Thank god for BBC America, Al Jazeera America (still on, even though it's supposed to be gone this month) and FreeTV....they help me keep my sanity. Along with you of course driftglass!

Jason said...

DG, what no GOP debate play by play?!

Neo Tuxedo said...

DG, I think the relevant quote is from the Venerable Master: "He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know." Though he presumably had reference to what my cousin Ezra (when not fighting with T.S. Eliot in the captain's tower) preferred to translate as "Nature's Process" or "the Process" (rather than the usual "the Way"), it's applicable. The decision to give lifetime employment to Butcher's Bill and David Fucking Brooks and that whole shower of moral lepers was made far above the level of the people who come and go talking of Michelangelo.

The greatest evil [...] is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded and minuted) in clean-carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks, who do not need to raise their voices.
-- C.S. Lewis, introduction to the collected Screwtape Letters

@bowtiejack, Matt Taibbi is on his usual fire, and the mangoes, though ripe, are mercifully few. Oh, and Lloyd Blankfein should of course be dragged through flaming walls of rabid rattlesnakes.

@wagonjak, for my mom, it's AJA, Free Speech TV and Link TV. I'm not sure why she continues to watch MSNBC, particularly Squint and the Meat Puppet.

Jerry B said...

Speaking of Hugh Hewitt. He was on All In a couple of days ago. I have no idea what he said because as soon as I saw him I changed the channel. I'm done with Hayes now. He's been pushing me away for a while. Every show he has one or more of these extreme RWs who have no place in a reasoned discussion. Hugh was just the last straw. Now Rachel is the only show I watch on that channel.

Donald Walsh said...

How long till this becomes like fretting about the content of newsreels or rates of telegrapher errors? I haven't watched a Sunday show since the 60's, and the sooner we let the networks prove their irrelevance to society by playing Face the Nation to empty rooms, the better for the republic.