Friday, January 08, 2016

Glad To See The Gray Lady Once Again Slowly Catching Up With Me

From today's NYT (and FYI, the video above is NSFW):
What Donald Trump Owes George Wallace

DONALD J. TRUMP, reality television star and real estate mogul, is different in many ways from major political figures in our past. But there are striking similarities between Mr. Trump and George C. Wallace, the Deep South politician who ran for president each opportunity he got from 1964 through 1976....

How it does my heart good to see these upstart publications learning the biz by taking their lead from some of us older and wiser writers (from me, three weeks ago)
Show Me, Grandfather 

And I will finish what you started.
Naturally, as long as the young 'uns at the NYT continue to lag behind me by weeks or months or sometimes even years while learning their craft they shouldn't expect to pull down the kind of traffic, money and international respect I enjoy.  But still,  good on ya kids!

On a lighter note, Ron Fournier, America's Sad Clown of Centrism, managed to read this entire article:

What both share is the demagogue’s instinctive ability to tap into the fear and anger that regularly erupts in American politics.

Uncertain of what to make of the political upstart, the nation’s print media initially played down their coverage of Mr. Wallace rather “like parents who refuse to look when their child is doing something naughty for fear it might encourage him to show off,” in the words of one British journalist.

As his poll numbers rose from single digits in the spring to more than 20 percent by the fall, it was no longer possible to ignore Mr. Wallace, and the major newsmagazines and largest newspapers attacked him with a barrage of thinly veiled invective: He was “simplistic”; he had not “one constructive proposal to offer a troubled nation”; he sought “political profit in fear and hate.” Attacks by the mainstream media only strengthened his support. As one of Mr. Wallace’s followers told a newspaper reporter, “I could care less what Time magazine thinks; I only use it once a day in the outhouse.”

The hypersensitive Mr. Trump obviously cares a lot more about Time’s opinion. When the magazine failed to choose him as its 2015 Person of the Year, he complained that, despite being “the big favorite,” Time had snubbed him in favor of Germany’s Angela Merkel, “who is ruining Germany!”

Whether he is nominated by the Republican Party or simply disappears into the long line of discredited demagogues, he has already left his mark.
And come away with the following:

Yes!  It's The Internets what done it!  Not a Conservative movement whose entire electoral strategy has been to build a feeding pen for demagogues like Trump.  Not a national media packed to the fucking rafters with craven, "Both Siderist" collaborators muffling every step the Right took down the road towards fascism with a constant drone of "But the Democrats...".

Twas The Internets all along.

Well damn you Internets!

Damn you all to Hell!


trgahan said...

Huh...and here I thought is was good old fashion AM Radio and a 24 hour propaganda cable "news" network that laid the ground work for Trump to achieve 40 percent approval by December of the year PRIOR to the election year.

Makes Wallace's "20 percent by fall" look more like a Paul-level bush league candidacy.

Frank Stone said...

The NYT is not only lagging behind you but behind Rachel Maddow, who devoted a long segment to this very topic on Tuesday.

Unknown said...

I suppose I should be pleasantly surprised that Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier didn't blame Obama for Trump's demagoguery, this time. But his "the internet did it!" explanation is just as pathetic.

Don P said...

...and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling Internetz!

Redshift said...

Everyone knows we never had demogoguery like the Wallace campaign before the Internet.