Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Huckabee and Christie Being Given The Traditional GOP Kid's Table Welcome


Barry Mauer said...

It's hard to know which table is freakier.

Unknown said...

Here's something I still don't understand, why is it that we don't hear anything about these guys dropping out? Why did Walker and Perry drop out but everyone else is in this forever no matter how low they sink? Everyone at the kids table, the guys who can't even make the kids table, and Bush and Paul should get out, they've got nothing going for them in this race.

Robt said...

How can you sit there and type that, Bush and Paul should go?

Are you some kind of a RINO?

I mean Jeb! (Mr. Fix it) "hell yeah" would go back in time and shoot that baby Hitler. Doesn't count as an abortion--3 full evangelical points. But only he knew from watching that documentary titled, "Back to the Future" that you have to be vewy careful not to disturb the time continua.
That alone (and money) sets his place at the trough.

As for Paul?!?!?
His Give-me -tarian appeal stand out in the republican party because he wants what he wants and he shouldn't have to pay for what he wants but you should pay for what he wants or else he will have to pay for what he wants and that is liberal socialism.

Unless you are a coffee mug pretending to be a Tea Cup that is either half full or half empty.
Either way it is missing half of something.

Bush's dad was President and Paul's dad was a congressman that ran for president all the time.

I actually know of people (one) that has his money on Jindhal.

I am hoping for a presidential election between one democratic candidate vs
11 separate GOP presidential nominees and one 3rd party Libertarian Candidate that is running from in in the Republican party too..
The ballot should have all 12 republican presidential candidates while the Democratic is so limiting.