Monday, October 19, 2015

Today In "Both Sides Do It": The Reimportation of Idiocy

Longtime readers might remember Young Master Timothy Stanley from Telegraph UK ("Twit Defeats Straw Man") who online CV tells us that he divides his time "between London and Los Angeles, with the occasional weekend in Washington DC" is interested in "religion, conservatism, elections, and culture" defines his "politics as Anarcho-Catholic – an eclectic kind of pacifistic, red meat eating, gun loving, tax hating, Buddha hugging voodoo" is "a bit obsessed with Sarah Palin" and is currently working on a biography of Pat Buchanan.

Well Timmy has spoken in again, in the language which the American Beltway loves the most:
The Democrats are radical, divided and just as messed up as the Republicans

David Brooks is right: the Republicans are undermined by the extremism of their base. But so are the Democrats. Big time

No Liberals love David Brooks, but please continues.
Brooks says that the GOP has been hijacked by idiots, bigots, shouters and Trumpettes – crippling the Republican Party and bringing government to a standstill. The Right is in crisis. Brooks is correct on many points, but he misses the bigger picture: American politics as a whole is in trouble...
Sure the Right is nuts, but you know who's worse? Who's actually to blame for them going mad?

But are things really much better on the American Left? No. For a start, they lost the midterm elections for a good reason: anger at Barack Obama. Obama has reshaped the Democrats away from the Clintonite centrism of the 1990s and towards a more ideological liberalism that has redefined political debate. If the Right has moved further to the right, it is in part in allergic reaction to the Democrats moving so far to the left. Grassroots conservatives have been energised by the administration’s endless toying with the gun issue, its blinkered defence of Planned Parenthood’s abortion services, its controversial healthcare reforms, its politicisation of the justice department, its sticky relations with Israel and its failure to enforce immigration laws.
Also too, Obama is uppity. which has made Conservative meatsticks crazy.
Obama’s arrogant, elitist personality has had a deleterious effect upon US politics.
Just goes to show you, whenever God closes a Sullivan
FEBRUARY 11, 2015
Andrew Sullivan Shuts a Door
He opens a Stanley.


bowtiejack said...

Thanks for the link to Timmy's first appearance, I had missed it.
It's sort of awesome how some things, like mold, tenaciously stick around inspiring repugnance - never improving, never getting any better, but never going away either.
Like, oh, I don't know, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Dick Cheney?
And so it must be with Timmy,, who obviously missed the urtext:

Jimbo said...

The British word "prat" was created for just this kind of person. His self-description alone is enough to accurately describe him as an extremely shallow, callow, politically idiotic child who one should not even vaguely pay attention to.

Unsalted Sinner said...

Ah, the American right: The perfect dumping ground for the outside world's most annoying people.

Lit3Bolt said...

The relentless hammering of Both Sides Do It is an electoral strategy. Its main message is to the low information voter who only shows up in Presidential elections, and that message is Both Sides Do It, so why bother? It's as if the Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys are constantly playing each other...they're both assholes, so why root for either one? They Both Do It. But the Eternally Unstated Conclusion to Both Sides Do It in American politics, where there has almost always been only 2 political parties, is Don't Vote.

Both Sides Do It = Don't Vote. PLEASE Don't Vote. They know they couldn't win a real election if the great unwashed came out and voted, so that's why Both Sides Do It And Are The Same is a relentless media message hammered out day after decade. If Both Sides are equally radical, corrupt, and evil, then at the very worst the status quo is maintained, and at the very best, the pendulum swings in your favor because you've bullied everyone around you into internalizing the message that Dems are dorks, dweebs, nerds and faggots, but if they push back at all then cry WAAAAAAHHHHH They're Bullies Too! If Democrats don't fight, they're spineless, if they do, they're bullies, if they advocate for fair wages, they're lunatics, if they don't want to torture, they're collaborators, and if they don't want to force women to give up their bodies, they're baby killers.

What a strange thing to be a Democrat! You can be opposite of anything for all situations, yet at the end of the day, they are no better or worse than any Republican as well. Any Democratic vice is a Republican virtue, yet any Republican vice is conveniently counterbalanced perfectly on the Scales of Morality that David Brooks uses at his desk at the New York Times.

So the droning message of "Both Sides" is merely a media/electoral strategy. And David Brooks is really not a journalist, but a talented actor who can ape an argument which advocates stagnation and nihilism. After all, the status quo must constantly protect its territory, lest the dreaded "CHANGE" occur.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

So Mr. Black on the Right Side dislikes the conservatives for being Whites on the Right Sides, but LOATHES liberals for being mono-colored trash. That about right?

Be seeing you.

n1ck said...

Obama is very arrogant. First, he's black, and second, he's the President.

The gall of that guy.

It only makes sense that the neo-confederate party has stopped yelling through its dog whistle. They have to rally the tribe, and sometimes yelling through a dog whistle doesn't make the message particularly to the dumbest members of the tribe.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

@Kevin: And we know how Cheron ended up. :(

Unknown said...

If we want uninformed, easily-debunked bullshit analysis from a wannabe-teabagger British dipshit, we know how to contact Niall Ferguson. This Timothy Stanley guy can eat a bag of dicks.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

@Unknown: He probably has eaten quite a few of those already--you know those aristocratic and aristo-wannabe Limeys.


Green Eagle said...

"Grassroots conservatives have been energised by the administration’s endless toying with the gun issue," which has never happened, 'its blinkered defence of Planned Parenthood’s abortion services,' which has never happened, "its controversial healthcare reforms," controversial only to those who serve the Koch brothers and their ilk, "its politicisation of the justice department," which never occurred, "its sticky relations with Israel" which is a fiction of the right wing, "and its failure to enforce immigration laws" which also never happened.

Also for being a Kenyan Marxist usurper chosen long ago by Satan, in consort with the still-existent Soviet Politburo, to decimate Freedom in the World's Greatest Country.

In brief, they hate him for being black, and for even trying to give a fair break to ordinary Americans.

Kathleen O'Neill said...


Beautifully stated. And this is why I hate the "Mainslime Media" more than I hate Fox. They've done much more harm in my opinion.

Ozsportsdude said...

Oh my god really

by the administration’s endless toying with the gun issue

So Clinton, who actually passed real Gun Control legislation, is a centrist but Obama is an out of control lefty for just talking about Gun Control

Do these people even care how stupid they look

dinthebeast said...

I bet Princess Sparkle Pony would have a field day with that picture...

-Doug in Oakland

Cliff said...

Anarcho-Catholic – an eclectic kind of pacifistic, red meat eating, gun loving, tax hating, Buddha hugging voodoo

That's a wordy way of saying "fucking wanker."

Unknown said...

Hey, would whomever sees him next please punch this clown for me? Hard? And twice even? Many thanks.

DG - I sentcha twenty bucks last night. Sent Bernie the same. Wow, was I drunk. Would love to do more....but hourly wages n'all, yeesh. You'll see it from jxxxxpmcetc@thegeemail. Much like you, not on the facebook thingy...but wanted to let you know.

Keep making me laugh and pissing off the right people. Best to you & BG.

New_Damage said...

Is that a club tie he's wearing? Say hello to 2015's Upper Class Twit of the Year.

Jim from MN said...

Tory Boy?