Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Comcastrati

Now that Comcast/MSNBC has shifted its business model to "Make things so unbearably hostile to Liberals that eventually Rachael Maddow will quit and we can finally replace her with some tits-and-a-two-bit-wingnut-opinion fembot like Kimberly Guilfoyle" it becomes necessary, day in/day out, to find new and exciting ways to drive away whatever fraction of their once-substantial progressive audience that still remains.

So what better way for Phil Griffin to drive home the point that Liberals Are Not Welcome Here Anymore than to first invite Hugh Hewitt on to pimp Dick Cheney's book...

...and then follow that up by pulling the chair out for Mr. Unalloyed Evil himself, and his portable organ bank, Ms. Unalloyed Evil Junior, for a nice, relaxing tongue bath.

Going into Iraq in 2003 was the right thing to do.

We got it right with Iraq.

Iraq was stable when we left.

Same old lies regurgitated by America's most famous traitor and unindicted war criminal, who has no business being in front of any camera, anywhere, except a closed-circuit rig at the Hague to monitor his cell 24/7. And yet there he sits on your Liberal teevee, smirking happily, promoting horrid, revisionist swill that will put another million or two in his pocket and swatting the softballs which Squint Scarborough underhands to him and his vampire offspring.

Given the fact that our Beltway media has made it their mission to insure that no matter how grotesque the Republican lie or how shameless and depraved the Republican liar, the lies and the liars will always be treated with Waylon Smithers-grade cloying affection and craven deference --
-- how can anyone still feign surprised at the rise of Donald Trump?


Unknown said...

During Obama's first term and early in his 2nd, the Wurlitzer's strategy was mostly to just pretend George W. Bush never existed, and that the history of the world was as follows:

1) A few thousand years ago, God created the world and Jesus rode around on dinosaurs telling anyone who will listen that his dad hates fags. All was well, everyone [namely THOSE people and the womenfolk] knew their place.

2) In 1981, modern history began with St. Ronaldus Magnus Reagan building America into the greatest country the world has ever known with his bare hands and guided by the One True Conservative Wisdom, while he defeated the mighty Soviets in battle, again with his bare hands.

3) Clinton unfairly rode the Reagan economy to 2 terms while ordering the murder of Vince Foster and allowing bin Laden to attack the US.

4) Kenyan-born Obama steals an election with ACORN and the Black Panthers and destroys the economy on purpose so that he can turn America into a soshalist hellscape before he even gets inaugurated, and apologizes for America because he hates white people, who he is ordering to FEMA death camps under Obamacare.

But starting with BENGHAAAAAZI and accelerating with the rise of ISIS, the lollygaggers have decided to again claim with utter confidence that GWB did in fact exist and did a fine job, and Obama is responsible for destroying everything good he did because he's a niCLANG, I mean, Muslim terraist coddler.

And they're starting to get away with it. And MSNBC is giving them a platform for it, again. This place is so fucked.

dinthebeast said...

I'll not have you denigrating vampires by comparing them to Cheneys...

-Doug in Oakland

John MacCuish said...

Take heart, Sponge Bob is coming to Broadway, and the Pope is coming to 'Murica to pee on Republicans with mild-mannered edicts ...that will keep Conservatives hot and frothy and chewing on their own leg bones. It will give the media whiplash. It is all going to be very entertaining.

John Taylor said...

There's not enough whitewash in the world to cover up the Bush/Cheney screw up. Cheney can try to rewrite history all he wants. We ain't buying it.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

You should turn that into a short animation. It is hilarious.

Great minds and all that, because I was planning on commenting that the area around his mouth looked red, as if he had just snacked on a live bird and washed it down with a glass of the cute warm puppy blood left over from his transfusion.

Regarding the appearance of Hewitt and Cheney on Media Whoring Joe, I would like to propose memes to describe media suckitudinous events: "F***Fecta". Or a "Fo Fest", or "Celebration of Spawnativity".

I know. It's juvenile. But I so detest, despise and abhor these jackals.

Jimbo said...

Going to get coffee in the kitchen of my rent-a-space office, which has a TV permanently on CNN, I hear the dreadfully familiar snarl of the Undead Ex-VP himself vamping on how the Kenyan Usurper destroyed the perfect world in Iraq left by his ostensible boss. At least, W knows to mostly shut up about it but the Undead One must slither out and opine in his uniquely degenerate fashion and is given an audience for no good reason except trolling Liberals and other humans of conscience, of course..

Jerry B said...

The Machine has pretty much dropped all pretense and fully embraced it's fascist tendencies. The revolution is complete. We just don't know it yet.

mark hargus said...

fuck morning ho, watching him makes my brain hurt. I love trump every time I watch him on tv I giggle, laugh and clap my hands. Just like a 3 year old kid. Im thinking of changing my reg. to Republican so I can vote for him in the primary. The Jokes write themselves

Bobby said...

So today we find out that Phil is giving Joe one more hour a day. I'm done with MSNBC.

Cirze said...

Jerry B,

We know it.

And the appearance of Tricky Dick as a trusted commentator proves it.

Ready for the Diebold shuffle?