Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hillbilly Sharia

You're soaking in it! From CNN:
GOP contender Mike Huckabee to visit Kim Davis in jail
By Ed Payne and Jason Hanna, CNN
Updated 8:43 AM ET, Tue September 8, 2015

(CNN)The legal battle over the Kentucky clerk who's sitting behind bars for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses enters the political arena Tuesday as GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visits Kim Davis in jail.

Afterward, he'll lead an "#ImWithKim Liberty Rally" outside the Carter County Detention Center.

C'mon Rapture!


bowtiejack said...

I still don't understand Huckabee's opposition to the Iran deal.
Doesn't Iran have to blow up Israel first to bring on The Rapture?
Has Huck gone apostate?

Red Hand said...

This stuff is right out of Elmer Gantry and Inherit the Wind. Huck is channeling William Jennings Bryan.

What a disgrace this guy is.

dinthebeast said...

I read that they're letting her out today just in time for Huck's sermon...
OK, one more time, with feeling:
"Makes you wonder how Kim would have felt if a Catholic County Clerk had refused to issue her that fourth marriage license."


-Doug in Oakland

John MacCuish said...

"If we each give Huck 50 cents, he'll let us whitewash everythin'. Moby 'Murica!" I love crackers.