Friday, April 03, 2015

10 Years After: 2008 -- The Monster Takes A Bride

The 10th blogiversary fundraiser continues with the Hope and Change year of 2008, arriving at that moment when John McCain changed politics forever.

But not in any way he or any of his people could have predicted.

By choosing Caribou Barbie as his running mate, in a single a stroke, McCain validated every single thing Liberals had been saying for 30 years about the mad, dark heart of the GOP.  And since it is psychologically and financially impossible for Conservatives to acknowledge this fact, the fuse was lit that would soon set off a massive, political chain reaction.   

On the one hand, after the 2008 election, the base of the GOP freaked completely out in a giant, scalding tantrum of racist hysteria which hasn't stopped, but has been put into harness to serve the same despicable ends.  On the other hand, since Conservative brain caste members could neither acknowledge the existence of the racist shitpile at the heart of their party, nor the correctness of the Liberal diagnosis of the shitpile at the heart of their party, they galloped off in an equally desperate, hysterical fit of nearly catatonic denialism about, well, everything.

So thanks, Senator!

This Not Lieberman!

Where Lieberman?! (Click any pic for larger.)

Stitched together

from the reanimated scraps of dead campaigns.

Given a sociopath's


They still needed to make the Monster

a running mate.

One that would look good in

Nieman Marcus' priciest drapes.

Happy Halloween to one and all from castle driftglass.

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