Friday, December 12, 2014

Professional Left Podcast #262

Introduced again by Kevin's sweet promo video.
"A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody."
-- Thomas Paine

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jim said...

Au contraire!

Watergate was when the system chumped it royally. The courts shrugged away far worse than the messy aftermath of a skeezy B&E at a Hotel, & Ford handed out a mulligan on the hush-money hijinx anyway. The system in America (as everywhere else) protected the sanctity of its figurehead/warlord like the proverbial Grizzly Mama ... then did it again but in a much more dire & ugly context with Iran-Contra: The Secret Team was a REAL coup d'etat, to maintain the Contra fascists in their LIC against Nicaragua.

What is noteworthy among all these epic travesties is the recurring motif of raging ineptitude throughout.

Pick a guy with a shitty previous record to run a torture program. Staff Iraq's sudden pandemic of open executive government positions with NCO's, interns & grad students. Crash a fake Soviet aircraft into Nicaragua with incorrect markings. Visibly duct-tape the door of the very politically sensitive place that you're infiltrating & LEAVE THE TAPE ON so you can get in easier the next day. Have the Marine Colonel coordinator of your Secret Team faithfully keep every e-mail & file of the entire op, then forget to delete his correspondence.

This sitcom is ugly & it wants to die.

James Ledyard said...

Thank you for today's Professional Left Podcast ... 12/12/14 Re: "Ferguson and Torture".

You've managed to do the impossible... summarize and vocalize what we are all feeling regarding this week's exposure of the Bush/Cheney Torture program.

(By "We", I'm referring to anyone with even an ounce of humanity or empathy left in their godless American soul)

You boiled it down... and laid out the rotten dead corpse of the Bush/Cheney/Fox/Neocon War on Terror... for all to see. (As if 1,600 pages of heavily redacted evidence and 5 years of criminal testimony has not been enough for the mainstream media to even bother to take notice)

America has turned into a pack of disgusting, violent, brutal attack dogs. Dogs with faces like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bill O'Reilly. We've all known for years that Dick Cheney is a real ghoul, no surprises there.

Life in America has been transformed into a Sunday Night episode of "The Walking Dead", with the torture lovers and apologists all lined up at the fence, snarling and limping and tearing away at the flesh of the living.

I hope you are right about an awareness and solution that is now forming in the collective consciousness of our citizens.

Thanks again Driftglass and Bluegal.. well said, well done.

Fritz Strand said...

No one comes closer to the banality of evil than Rupert Murdoch. The Brits finally went after him and put one of his newspaper editors in jail.

The case for going after him in this country was lost because of the continued wire tapping of our data by our government.