Thursday, December 11, 2014


In accordance with the Royal and Ancient Rules of Blogging, comments will, as always, remain open.  However we're going to try shutting off anonymous comments for awhile and see how that works.

So if you want to call me a douchbag, you're still free to do so, but you'll have to get yourself a fake ID.


Unknown said...

And your real name, Mr. Glass?

Anonymous said...

Uh, okay, if this is about my comment, you realize it wasn't directed at you, right?

driftglass said...

No one is asking for your real name, but the string of drive-by "Fuck You"'s was getting unmanageable.

PDP: Nope, twasnt you.

MedicineMan55 said...

Sorry if it was my post (Nonny Mouse) that annoyed you, DG. I was replying to another commenter but I should probably get off my ass and register anyhow.

Mike Lumish said...

@Unknown your blurt is the kind of cheatweed that gives anonymous comments a bad name. At least the Cheese Eater had the drawers to establish a reliable identity within the community.

Regards, Horace

(Apologies to the Cheese Eater if I have misremembered the handle of the hectoring purity troll who was shut down after much forbearance by our host.)

bowtiejack said...

Good idea.