Thursday, August 14, 2014

Are You a Good Citizen?

2014 will go into the books as one more year when Americans were taught one more brutal civics lesson on police-community relations in blunt, clear Black

and White:

(Ferguson, MO on the left; Bundy Ranch on the right)


RoninMichigan said...

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Dan said...

Not a bad teaching moment for moral hazards and David Brooks.
When you let violent gun toting nut jobs and crazy ass mooching ranchers dictate the law then why should anyone else respect the law?

Monster from the Id said...

One would think the Malefactors Of Great Wealth would worry more about the militia thugs. They are much better armed than the average street thug, which the luckless Mr. Brown was not--he was neither a thug nor armed.

I realize that many of the MOGW think they can control the militia thugs--and the cops who these days are all too often simply semi-domesticated thugs. I would remind them that their predecessors in Germany, circa 1933, thought they could control Charlie Chaplin's evil twin and his thugs.

OTOH, I suspect some of the MOGW have awakened to the danger that their attack dogs could slip their leashes, which is one reason the Malefactors have established control of the Dinocratic Party as well as the Reptilian Party.

Pinkamena said...

And on cue our own little Maureen Dowd comes by to remind us that Both Sides Not A Dime's Worth Republicrat One Party.

Of course, knowing your history, Hamhock, you're probably trying desperately not to cheer for the Good Southern White Guys who are just trying to show Them Goddamn Animals who's in charge.

You have no value, no heart, no spine. Be quiet, boy.