Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dispatches From The New Confederacy

It was...remarkably unremarkable to watch Roger Ailes' employees take a break from their wall-to-wall paranoid hysteria over that swarthy horde of armed, jackbooted Obama-led thugs who are always on the verge of coming to steal your freedumb... give a soothing reach-around to a genuine, lily-white jackbooted thug who is actually, brazenly blasting freedom off the streets of Ferguson, MO.

If you can keep your lunch down, Heather at Crooks and Liars has the video:

After decades of aggressive self-lobotomizing, the Right has bred a political base so pliant that it can easily absorb frequent, tectonic changes in the Wingnut Party Line without ever noticing that the Fox-approved slogans they are chanting today are 180 degrees in opposition to from the Fox-approved slogans with which they were filling your email in-box yesterday.

Watching this phenomenon play out in real-time over and over again has become grotesquely, fascinatingly and depressingly predictable.


fred said...

I just don't have the stomach to watch this shit. I can read the guy's face and have heard enough quotes to know who he is.

Neo Tuxedo said...

"The Senders[...] are notorious for their ignorance of the nature and terminal state of sending, for barbarous and self-righteous manners, and for rabid fear of any fact--. It was only the intervention of the Factualists that prevented the Senders from putting Einstein in an institution and destroying his theory. It may be said that only a very few Senders know what they are doing and these top Senders are the most dangerous and evil men in the world."
-- William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch

CM said...

Who will be on the MTP panel this week to discuss both sides of this issue? Any guess?

milegrinder said...

Profiling can go both ways. Look at these faces. Old. White. Scared. Therefore, not one damned thing they have to say is worth my time. Profiling works well for me today.

bowtiejack said...

Notice that in the video Chief Jackson has the same blink rate Nixon did when he was telling us the whole truth about Watergate.

Anonymous said...

A would-be Bull Connor.

--Nonny Mouse

Jim from MN said...

When will Hannity ask his government hating guests if any armed Bundy Ranch militia-types will show up in Ferguson on the side of the protesters? They both seem to have the same grievances.

Monster from the Id said...

I doubt what Jim described will happen, but if it did happen, it might represent the worst nightmare of the Malefactors Of Great Wealth, or at least be found on their Top Ten list of nightmares.

The System survives only by keeping all of its victims quarreling among themselves.

Robt said...

This Police Chief running to five exclusive to FOX's Hannity is a very horrible confession.

Next on FOX (fter Hannity) ORielly interviews David Duke, Alex Jones and Cliven Bundy on the matter of the "GIVE -ME" society.
Police are busy and paid for by tax payers. They should not have to meet terrorist demands by "those People".
Orielly asks, if they had God in their schools, wouldn't they have had the family values to keep kids off the street from getting shot.

Sarah Palin cameo-how the officers were so patriotic,unlike at the Bundy ranch.

Folowed by Ann Coulter- who shares that fact this is an example of how the republican blacks are better than the liberal's blacks. GOP blacks would never get shot nor protest a daylight murder by a Palin patriot police officer.

Neo Tuxedo said...

The horrible part, Robt, is that I can't tell whether you're satirizing Fox's coverage or just describing it. As dhonig lamented back in 2006, "What do you do when the people you want to caricature, the people so deserving of satire, have a reality more exaggerated and absurd than any cartoon? [...] There is nothing left to do but crawl into a corner and whimper."

Kathleen said...

@Neo Tuxedo

As an aspiring satirist, I'm outraged because the toxic congregation of vapors has succeeded in killing satire.

Robt said...

Neo Tuxedo,

I completely understand your deli ma between satire caricature and the actual real thing.

Sometimes when I write these things it is a release for me I imagine.

The Coulters, Hannitys Alex Jones receive so much attention and repetitive public acknowledgement that its accumulative rebroadcasting undermines the ability of the vulnerable who can be coerced and others driven to distraction.
These folks have earned their caricatures as cruel as they can be. For it is the pay check they worship.
Mercenaries of propaganda.

They believe that the money they are paid for their indiscretions on society will be enough to shield themselves from living in the CHAOS they readily ensured.

I can tell you sir, do know the difference in what you ask in the differences.
Your omission that asks the differences tells me so.

Pinkybum said...

When the police are trying to restore order when white people are practicing their first amendment rights then they are jack-booted thugs limiting their freedom.

When the police are trying to restore order when "those people" or the "blah people" are practicing their first amendment rights well then they are wild animals and anyway they never should have had any freedoms to restrict in the first place.

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