Monday, May 19, 2014

On The Radio

As I carry out my business around Central Illinois, I will occasionally turn on Limbaugh to find out what kind of offal Crazy Uncle Liberty is stuffing his skull with this week.


... Eric Shinseki, about whom we have spoken at great length previously. "If the evidence of mismanagement continues to accumulate, the Obama administration will find itself not in another partisan knife-fight, but under fire from both parties in a Congress where the uniformed military is venerated." Right. Both parties, where uniform military is venerated. Right, right, right, right.

Now, let me ask you a question, just a little hypothetical. Let's say Obama had a secret list of people for food stamps...
And *click* off it goes.

Good Lord. And the Right has been letting this bellowing slab of racist rage do their thinking for them for a them.

Three hours a day of this.

Five days a week.

On hundreds of stations coast to coast.

For a quarter of a century.

I ride along awhile longer and decide to take another wingnut biopsy.
I mean, there isn't one thing that a government bureaucracy does efficiently or well. Very little. I mean, you could say, if you turn the military loose, shackle them very little, let 'em fight a war, they'll win it. But, I mean, outside of that, take your pick.

Now multiply this by tens of millions of voters and you have an answer to 75% of all questions about why our politics are so fucked in the head.


n1ck said...

Sometimes I wonder whether Limbaugh is to blame for our politics, or just a symptom of an Empire in decline.

Linkmeister said...

One wonders how he excused his friends' rejection of a Vets' bill in February:

Except that I know how. On past performance he'd find some Democratic remark, focus on that, and claim it was the reason the Rs couldn't pull the trigger.

Kathleen said...

@n1ck I think he is a symptom. I call it Right Wing Whack a Mole. You whack one mole and another one pops up. The names and faces change but the dynamic remains, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

Things would have been different had there been no Rush Limbaugh, bad comedian. You couldn't be more wrong. Also, REM? The Rush Limbaugh of rock groups.

Robt said...

Rush is actually is a virus. He is Germ Warfare on Americans.

Rushbo is not alone, There are many parts of this country that all you get on the radio is the right-hate propaganda.
Radio is one thing low income folks can afford to be entertained by. AM radio is one step up from CB. We know there is a direct link between poverty and lack of education. This makes many susceptible to this propaganda.

There is no alternatives available to them.
This reminds me on the recruiting of terrorist groups. Militia's etc.
They do not go recruiting at the ivy league schools for someone to strap on a bomb and blow themselves up in the name of what ever?

Don't you think we need a Republican Rehab?

Hi, My name is Mardo Rubio and I am an Limbaugh right wing hating addict. I haven't taken in any winger hate in two whole days. I do not know if I can make it. I am taking it day by day. I thank you for the support you provide by the reality of facts you confront me with.

Please do not enable them.

What I really would like to ask Drift Glass is,
Did you thinkRush, Beck, Medved, hannity,alex Jones and every wannabe right wing talker was going to change when you tined in?
They've gone further down the the de evolutionist raffit toilet hole.

You touched on the amount of time they have been doing this to people. Providing Glenn Miller the self imaginatry bold justification for his failures as a human being.

But here is some good news,
Rush Limp-paw's rating in California has dropped so low, Spanish AM radio stations have higher ratings. You can find the news story online.

I do not know about where you are but here were I am at, there is absolutely zero alternative from right wing media.
Even the paper leans right.
But this is not nothing new.
My last question is,
After 20 years of this propaganda. Why are people still falling for it?

perhaps the answer can be found in this Question;
leading up to the Civil War appx. 3 to 5 percent of all whites were wealthy Plantation owners or slave owners working mines,etc. The rest of the southern whites were not that well off and could not afford slaves.
So how did the south get all those none slave owners, those poor whites to fight to preserve slavery and the plantation life they did not get to participate in?

tmk said...

N1ck, never forget:

In 1994, Limbaugh's schtick helped elect the first Republican-majority House of Representatives since =1952=, and at the same time helped Newton Leroy Gingrich become Speaker of the House...

FOR THAT ALONE, Limbaugh deserves to be keelhauled.

Anonymous said...

I tune into Rush occasionally, and for about as long as I can stand it, a couple of minutes at most. I have come to assume that in that short time I will hear something that can immediately be determined complete bullshit. (that's kind of the reason I do it; I also do it to sorta keep up on the current crazy)

I have almost NEVER been disappointed. (Deeply sorry that I live in a country where millions of people think this guy is correct, but almost never disappointed...)

Anonymous said...

I used to work as a mechanical designer in the medical industry. And everyone I worked with in engineering was glad for the FDA regulatory oversight for all of the obvious reasons: product reliability, safety and so on. But I was continually amazed and disheartened that a few of these engineers, who lived by the sword of empirical data, would show up at work in the morning spouting Rusty Limpdick bullshit. I still remain dumbfounded that even people who are well educated and work with the tools of even basic engineering practices would listen and believe all that bullshit and not do one bit of research into its truthfulness. Fucking depressing. I won’t go into the wasted hours I spent trying to reason with them.

Strider said...

Anonymous: Kinda reminds me of obviously intelligent people who believe in God.