Monday, April 28, 2014

Roger Ailes' Non-Apology Apology

To understand the Fox News framing/context on he Cliven Bundy issue -- or on every issue -- all you ever need to do is ask your nearest Crazy Uncle Liberty what he thinks about it.   What you will hear is that Fox News/Hate Radio/Conservatism is doing God's work fighting off the Liberal Commie horde every fucking day.


End of sentence.

And if they occasionally make an honest mistake in their holy mission, well, what about Benghaaaaazi, huh? What about Nancy Pelosi or Saul Alinsky smartass!

And although you will never, ever succeed in budging the Conservative lizard-brain out of its that defensive, teeth-bared catatonia (and why it behooves you not to waste your breath trying) it is often educational to take an up-close peek at the how the gears of the Noise Machine grind up reality and extrude Roger Ailes-brand fascist ordure, which is DNA from which every awful thing on the Right is spawned.

Yesterday, for example, as the video above shows, Howie Kurtz has handed the job of offering up Roger Ailes' version of atonement and expiation for the sin of Loving America So Damn Much that they married Cliven Bundy in haste before bothering to ask any Liberal on the face of the Earth what an old, white, male, Fox-loving, radical anti-gummint gun-fetishist and law-breaking moocher was likely to say on the subject of The Negro fully vetting him for incipient Archie Bunkerism.

As so today, as a public service, we take a fast look at the official, Fox News "Fine! Fine!  We're Soooo Fucking Sorry! There! Are you happy now you fucking parasites! !?" moment, which was the most "Yeah, but... Yeah, but... Yeah, but... Yeah, but..." 'apology' you are likely to hear outside of a Charles Manson parole hearing.

Sure, Fox News brought on two Conservatives and a token, neutered Centrist to officially say they were rill sorry they gave The Racist Cliven Bundy all that airtime, but you gotta understand that...
...he was a story before Fox News/Hate Radio ever showed up!

...Cindy Sheehan was bad too!  After all, not only did she say she felt she shouldn't have to pay her taxes to support the treasonous Dick Cheney's meatgrinder clusterfuck that had gotten her son killed, she also had the temerity to actually suggest Dubya should be impeached!  (Next up on Fox:  The 1,897th panel of wingnuts calling for The Kenyan Usuper to be impeached...) clouded the real issue -- fomenting an armed moocher uprising against the "overzealous" US government -- which Mistah Kurtz thinks might be "true".

..the reason it's bad is that "it gives ammunition to Fox-detractors".  Because now the Liberal Leftist Commies and their Liberal Left Commie media will just use this to unfairly impugn the Conservative Movement which everyone knows is NOT racist.

...the Incident at Moocher Pass had nothing to do with the goodhearted souls of the Tea Party who just want Small Gummint, but was instead just a bunch of fringe anarchists acting all crazy 'n shit.

...and don't forget, the Bureau of Land Management dared to show up to try to enforce a legal court order, and they were carrying guns!  Can you believe it?  Cops?  Upholding the law? Carrying guns?  What is this, Russia?!
Conservative blogger Matt Lewis (who looks more eerily like Tron's Master Control Program 

every time I see him) went on to explain that while this incident was certainly unfortunate, he is old enough to remember the Dark Ages before Hate Radio and Fox News when the Mainstream Media "filters" kept America from hearing about the glories of Conservatism, and we certainly would not want to go back to those bad old days now would we!

But the moment that genuinely chilled me was when Conservative blogger Matt Lewis stated that "Conservative outlets" and "Sean Hannity" were expecting this to be a "Ruby Ridge/Branch Davidian situation where Cliven Bundy would be turned into a marty".  And then he added, with a big 'ol smirk on his face:
"...and that might have been the best thing that would have happened for Conservatives.  Unfortunately President Obama gave him enough rope to hang himself."
As long as there is a Democrat in the White House, Fox News and Hate Radio will continue to use every means at their disposal to try to touch off an armed rebellion against the federal government of the United States using any excuse they can gin up.

Anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating has not been paying attention.


the cheese eater said...

At the end of the day, what is going to have more of an impact on your daily life? A crazed right wing, militia, racist bigot who refuses to pay his millions in taxes and fees or the passage of the TPP.

To be clear, by daily life I mean things like what will you earn each year, how will your retirement be funded, when will your Social Security kick in, how many weeks of vacation will you get, how much (if anything) will you be paid to take a vacation.

We know these white, racist, militia nuts come out of the woodwork when they feel threatened. We also know these low education wing-nuts feel threatened when they can't find work and put food on their families. In other words, TPP will put the few employed militiamen outside the Bundy compound out of work. This, in turn, will create more gun toting wing-nuts..

TPP also puts downward pressure on the living conditions of more educated and creative workers. These highly educayed workers will have less stable jobs, incomes, houses and families. Many will be forced to sell their homes into unfavourable market conditions. They will have a hard time finding jobs that allow them to use a skill set developed over decades. If they can find work at all, it might be at a big box retailer "greeting" customers in a blue vest.

So what is the bigger threat to America, Cliven Bundy or TPP?

And if Bundy is a symptom and not a cause why isn't anybody talking about the disease.

Yastreblyansky said...

Wow, it was Obama's fault? Confused poor Cliven by failing to have his head blown off and then having the NSA whisper words of racism into his ears presumably through the microchip implanted in his dental work? How sneaky can you get?

Neo Tuxedo said...

And if Bundy is a symptom and not a cause why isn't anybody talking about the disease[?]

Short answer: because we decided long ago that acknowledging the existence of alternatives to the disease, in any way more specific than cries of "Marxism" (used not to refer to a specific political or economic philosophy, but as a synonym for "crimethink"), would make the Baby Jeezus cry.

"Now you are asking me whether I want to perpetuate a narcotics problem and I say, 'Protect the disease. Must be made criminal protecting society from the disease.'" ("Fighting Drug Addiction" by Malcolm Monroe, former prosecutor, in Western World, October 1959, cut up by William S. Burroughs in Nova Express, c. 1964)

the cheese eater said...

Digby over at Hullabaloo makes a great big both sides shit sandwich. According to Digby Both Sides "...undermine [Social Security by] making it inefficient and making the people who need it come to hate it. ... I'm not just talking about Republicans. The GOP doesn't do this on their own."

Go ahead and read the short piece. Be warned! Eventually you will begin to feel something running down both sides of your leg:

Something, something Mistah Kurtz
Something, something Clive Bundy
Something, Something, Marge Shott

Kathleen said...

I once sent Digby an email gently suggesting that she might benefit from getting away from the keyboard and finding out what real people in her community are doing to improve their lives and lives of others to get a different perspective. I was not snarky or condescending or nasty at all in intent or message. But I've got to say, as cynical and despairing as I can be, she makes me look like Tony Robbins on speed. And I think she could use a broader perspective in her analysis. I admit, however, that I've not been to her blog in years so in fairness she may have lightened up a tad.