Monday, October 21, 2013

In Order To Decrease My Insufferability Quotient

A reminder that I am temporarily suspending the conceit that I am right about some things and other people are wrong or are so late to the party that they should at least wipe their feet before heading for the keg.

That being said, Digby is Very Shrill:
These Village enablers have a lot of nerve ...

 by digby

I know I'm sounding very shrill and resentful, but I can't help it when I hear so-called intellectuals like Fareed Zakaria today on his show suddenly waking up to fact that the GOP is a bunch of reactionary fanatics --- and selling it like it's some kind of new thing. Might I just point out that he has been an enabler of this bunch of nuts for years?

The reactionary right has been in the drivers seat of the GOP for some time now, impeaching presidents, stealing elections, starting wars against countries that didn't attack us. Demagogueing national security, talking about Social Security and medicare as if they are Stalinist gulags and basically living in an alternate universe in which those who don't agree with them are enemy combatants is who they have been for years. And up until now, Fareed Zakaria and his ilk have been clutching their pearls over some delusional threat from the left.

C'mon Digby, be a sport!

You get what you want -- a grudging acknowledgement that (maybe, provisionally) the wall against which you have been slamming your bloggy head for a decade might actually exist and be worth noticing...long after the damage is done and the cancer has metastasized.

And Fareed gets what he wants -- he keeps his teevee show and his seat at the Elder's Table while at the same time leveling up his edgy, street cred by ripping off the Liberal's critique of the Right (at zero professional risk to himself!) without ever having to acknowledged the existence of Liberals at all!

It's win/win!

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