Sunday, October 20, 2013

In Order To Decrease My Insufferability Quotient

I am temporarily suspending the conceit that I am right about some things and other people are wrong or are so late to the party that they should at least wipe their feet before heading for the keg.

Here then is noted Conservative writer Andrew Sullivan with a novel theory about John F. Kennedy:
Kennedy The Conservative?
OCT 19 2013 @ 7:39AM 
The Dish recently noted the right-wing distaste for JFK during his presidency, but Ira Stoll insists that “Kennedy was a conservative by the standards of both his time and today”:
Liberals claim that Kennedy’s tax cuts were somehow different from Reagan’s and Bush’s, and it is true that Kennedy was cutting the rates from higher levels (though loopholes and deductions meant that few actually paid the statutory high rates). But the arguments Kennedy rejected in pursuing his tax cuts sound awfully familiar to the arguments used by liberals today. The Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith, from his perch as ambassador to India, opposed tax cuts and advised increasing government spending instead. Kennedy told him to shut up. Senator Albert Gore Sr. called the Kennedy tax cut a bonanza for “fat cats.” Kennedy, frustrated, privately denounced Gore as a “son of a bitch.”


Yastreblyansky said...

Sullivan's "theory" may be called "novel" in that only since 1976 has every Republican running for office and calling for tax cuts claimed that they were doing exactly what JFK did. "Kennedy cut taxes and our economy prospered," said every single Republican for 37 years, ignoring the arguments that Sullivan is apparently aware of but dismisses with his magic wand. Or does the novelty lie in the fact that he calls it "conservative" although conservatives are contented to call it "Kennedy" knowing (yes, profoundly stupid but less ignorant than Sullivan) that "conservative" was not a synonym for "tax-cutting" in 1960? Oh fuck I'm sorry, I don't mean to be beating you over the head with things that are obvious to you and should be obvious to any sentient creature. Way to decrease your insufferability by turning it over to innocent bystanders.

Ebon Krieg said...

When in the course of human events we become distateful to each other we assume those like us our are friends. Like-mindedness is not a prerequisite for liking your mind. You think like a duck and talk like a duck, but I really don't hear you sometimes.
We have much bigger fish to fry than the morons who run are country. Does country even mean anything anymore? I have to step my game up to believing that we have a global problem. Rapid transit won't solve this one.
When we reach perfection (oligarchy meets idiocracy) we will be in the zone...
til then I remain your OS