Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fundraiser Day Three: Unfortunately You Plumped For Our 'Never Pay' Policy

A brief reminder that one of the main reasons reason many people have started receiving insurance cancellation letters is that the Affordable Care Act told insurance executives like Mr. Devious that they had to stop ripping people off and sell them real health insurance at reasonable price, and Mr. Devious does not do business like that.

Needless to say, Conservatives view Mr. Devious' plight as worse than several Hitlers.


OBS said...

CBS Morning "news" ran with this bullshit "Obama stole my insurance!" story as their lead for the last two fucking days, and hasn't said anything whatsoever about why these shitty ass policies aren't available anymore. It's all framed as this horrible violation of the free market bullshit. It's ridiculous.

Capt. Bat Guano said...

Didn't some of those commie Euro countries basically outlaw for profit insurances companies a long time ago? What a novel idea.

Pamela Merritt said...

And the stupid networks wonder why they are bleeding viewers.

steeve said...

"the stupid networks wonder why they are bleeding viewers"

This is a rare time. The news can be as outrageous, fiery, shocking, counterintuitive, cited, famous, and argumentative as in their wildest dreams

while at the same time being as objective, fact-based, intrepid, moral, and public-serving as in their professors' wildest dreams

simply by filling their slots with real liberals with no pretense of balance. Yet in a very real sense, cable news is not greedy enough to take that plunge.

MSNBC is not the example. How often have they said that the whole world gets health care at half price or that 70% is the optimal top tax rate? If it's not every day, they're doing it wrong.

JerryB said...

"Hello Vicker, how's the nude lady"?

"Oh, she's fine..."