Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fundraiser Day Three: He Can't Say He Wasn't Warned

Longtime readers know that I consider the +5 years POTUS pissed away trying to buy shares in the ludicrous fairy tale that the GOP is not a gang of saboteurs, flim-flam artists, demagogues and lunatics to be one the most maddeningly of all the Obama Administration's unforced errors.

Buried down in the footnotes of future history books, some diligent research assistant will probably note that back in the early 21st century, the notoriously contentious "Liberal blogosphere" was in fact pretty united a few, key issues, one of which was the corrosive toxicity of the Big Lie of Fake Centrism -- that nearly-universal media conspiracy to bury whatever the Conservative atrocity du jour might be under a thick slather of the all-purpose, miracle spray-on topical anesthetic of False Equivalence.

Back in 2007, as the Dubya Administration was preparing to slouch off into legend as the Worst Presidency Ever and before the Party of Personal Responsibility conned the media into helping them hide their racism and failure under a million tricorner hats, the naked reek of bigotry and nihilism coming from the Right was becoming impossible ignore.

That was the year that every major Democratic candidate for president (except Biden) descended on Yearly Kos in Chicago to court the Netroots.

That was the year that some enterprising Yearly Kos attendee videotaped Barack Obama's breakout session, during which the then-Junior Senator from Illinois was explicitly asked what he would do as President to overcome what would surely be an overwhelming Republican effort to obstruct everything he would try to do.

As a minor historical note, if you slow this video down and do a frame-by-frame analysis you may see the back of my head as the camera sweeps past a section of the audience.  I was at this breakout session and remember Senator Obama's remarks very well, which is one reason why President Obama's failure to take the threat of all-out-political jihad from the GOP seriously until it was far too late has been so fucking infuriating.

Barack Obama was warned by the Liberal base of his own party that the Republican opposition who would fall on his neck the day we was elected President he was not-not-not in any way the same chummy Republican opposition he was used to playing poker with in Springfield back when he was a state senator.

But President Obama didn't listen.

He didn't even follow his own 2007 prescription for handling such an eventuality.

And we have all paid a steep price for his willingness to blow off his Liberal base so that he could squire David Brooks off to the Big Beltway Both Sider Hoedown.


aka The cheese eater said...

"Longtime readers know that I consider the +5 years POTUS pissed away trying to buy shares in the ludicrous fairy tale that the GOP is not a gang of saboteurs, flim-flam artists, demagogues and lunatics to be one the most maddeningly of all the Obama Administration's unforced errors."

DG, you may be confusing what is actually a feature of the Obama presidency for a bug...

doodahman said...

Uh huh. Obama was fooled by the GOP into caving to them. Right. Couldn't possibly be that Obama fooled the liberal class into twice voting for a right of center Republican, could it? No way. You are all way too smart for that. It must be Obama that was fooled!

Monster from the Id said...

What the first two commenters said.

If Obama had truly been the progressive stalwart whom Drifty seems to have believed him to be--never mind the "socialist" whom the Tea Birchers believe he is--would the Malefactors Of Great Wealth ever have allowed him to win the 2008 Dinocratic nomination, much less two general elections?

mahakal said...

What all of the above said.

DeistPaladin said...

And the O-bots descend on DG for daring to say anything critical about Obama in 3... 2...

Anonymous said...

And the verdict is in before the trial starts.

As usual.

Tits McGillicuddy said...

So, Greenwald is the insufferable prick here for pointing it all out really fucking early regarding this administration?

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Well, well. It looks like the sildeforfang hauled in a nice cropper of hysterical ninnies this evening.

Catch and release, says I, let them go back to hunting NSA disruptor trolls under their beds; in their natural habitat.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

No, tits, Greenwald is an insufferable prick by choice, who undermines his own effectiveness and alienates potential allies by being an insufferable prick, and when the choice is laid before him, always chooses to be an insufferable prick choosing to make himself the story.

Malefactors Of Great Wealth

Do they meet on Tuesdays or Wednesdays? Because Thursdays would conflict with the Trilateral Commission meetings, and the Illuminati events usually take up the weekends.

Monster from the Id said...

@Zombie: The MOGW are a class of people, not an organization. I borrowed the term from that notorious radical tinfoil-hatted conspiracy nut, Teddy Roosevelt.

Do you really think Obama could have won the Dinocratic nomination in 2008 if a preponderance of the 1% (the modern term for the MOGW) had been determined to have Clinton or Edwards instead?

Do you really think Obama could have won either of the general elections if a preponderance of the 1% had been determined to have McCain or Romney instead?

If yes, you have more faith in the virtue of the American political system than I.