Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fundraiser Day Three: Little Did He Know...

Little could Charles Pierce have known when he wrote this:
A ratfking political consultant lying in tandem with a career vaginophobe who hasn't won an election in almost a decade, and both of them worthy of airtime that could have been better spent selling blenders or ThighMasters. And the host largely hors de combat because what does he care about anyone he can't see from the veranda on The Vineyard. Well played, NBC.
That the Queen of All ThighMasters

Is now a Very Special Wall Street Journal contributor marching under the same banner as the aforementioned "[lying] ratfking political consultant" and "[lying] career vaginophobe":

Which seems so hilariously like a rejected minor "Stranger Than Fiction" subplot

that I find it hard not to want to buy the Great Trickster Watchmaker a beer.


Monster from the Id said...

Pee-yew! How long must satire be dead before someone buries its rotting corpse already?

marindenver said...

The Wall Street Journal has just about hit bottom now. But I suspect they've got a little further to go.

Kathleen said...

Marindenver, your comment reminded me of one of my favorite Seinfeld moments, when Elaine tells Jerry, "Every time I think you can't get any more shallow you always manage to drain a little more water out of the pool."

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