Monday, March 04, 2013

Rabble Without a Cause

David Frum (the apostate Conservative tool on the right) notes that the Party of God 's rabid dedication to "winning" remains undiminished despite the fact that they have no idea what "winning" even means anymore:
This quote from Ralph Reed is almost a textbook example of what it sounds like to enter a fight without a strategic goal: 
“The sequester and winning that fight — however you define what winning means — is critical for the party,” said Ralph Reed, the social conservative leader. 
Question: If you don't know what "winning" means, how can you possibly assess what "winning" is? 
If you don't know what "winning" means, what are you fighting for?

C'mon, David, you know damn well that Republican "winning" means what it has meant for the last 40 years:
  • Tax cuts for the rich.
  • The elimination of all regulations on banks and corporations.
  • The eradication of the entire federal government, except for the bits that make sure the base's Social Security checks and Medicare coverage go uninterrupted, and the other bits that enforce Republican Jesus' dominion over lady's vaginae.
  • Also too, Wolverines!
See, you built your house upon the sand, and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the...oh fuck it.

Somebody please just give Mr. Frum a copy of "Little Red State Fundy".

From April.

Of 2005.
Little Red State Fundy found a grain of hate.
"Who will help me plant the hate?" she asked.
"Not I," said the Moderate Republicans.
"Not I," said the Undecideds.
"Not I," said the Libertarians.
"Then I will," said Little Red State Fundy.
So she buried the hate in the bloody ground of the Old Confederacy. After a while it grew up paranoid and ignorant and violent.
And make sure he fucking reads it this time.


Cirze said...

Who'll read it to him?


Unknown said...

Egads, my eyeballs!

Anonymous said...

I plan a night of heavy drinking in an attempt to erase that image....