Monday, August 13, 2012

In Which I Just Start Re-posting Paul Krugman, Ctd.

"...the essentially ludicrous Paul Ryan has gotten so playing to the gullibility of self-proclaimed centrists, who want to show their “balance” by finding a conservative to praise."

 Paul Krugman, August 13, 2012.

Fuck the Conservatives: it's the Centrists that are killing us.

Centrism is the warm, reeking breeding ground that allows the Conservative virus to incubate, attack, hide out, mutate, re-incubate and attack again along a slightly different vector, over and over again.

Without the efficient and well-remunerated service of Beltway hacks (like, say, David Gregory)  who make sure the legless, eyeless yapping assholes  wriggling around in the Conservative Petri dish are never exposed to direct sunlight, the apparition of American Conservatism's respectability would quickly disintegrate, revealing American Conservatism in it's pure, noumenal form:  angry, pig-ignorant rednecks squatting in their own political squalor whining about Negroes.


blackdaug said...

Of course, you know the guy on the interwebs who thinks the pick is a carefully calculated plan to make Krugman's head actually explode!
..and I like the idea of referring to the Ryan budget as "The Rand Budget" as often as possible.
I think this move allows the dems to drag it, (Ryan's Hope), out in to the light and beat it to death with it's own tail. In other words..there will be no saving...Ryan's had to be done.

Anonymous said...

Is there any hope. We are forced to grit our teeth and support Obama, a compromiser with evil, a Constitutional disaster, a corporate tool no less than our enemies. Even when he ran in 2008 he talked about the phony Social Security crisis, pushed nuclear energy as an alternaate fuel, failed to return to Washington to vote on the SCHIP override and voted for FISA. What we need we'll never get in the near future: real, sane progressive change.

chrome agnomen said...

i have always more or less equated centrists with the so-called independent voter. mostly right wingers who are embarrassed by their party, but will by no means abandon it. R & R are prime examples of this despicable race.

steeve said...

"who want to show their 'balance' by finding a conservative to praise"

I guess this means they've already been praising liberals to the sky, else there'd be nothing to even out. If it were to turn out that they only praise conservatives, something tells me they would suddenly stop feeling pressure to be "objective".

Leave it to the media to not even do false equivalency right. What's it like to fail at failing?

Madsgrl said...

Your photoshop magic just makes me happy.

Kathy said...

There is no Media, there is only Propaganda and Propaganda-Lite.

Unknown said...

It's not that the Media praise or bash BOTH sides, from where I stand it looks like they're just trying to keep the Conservaturds placated by NOT pointing out their (many and varied) shortfalls. Why do they tiptoe around the touchy little cretins? Oh yeah, money and bad!

JHB said...

For centrists scraping for a "thoughtful serious conservative", Ryan is Johnny Bravo. He fits the suit.

"There's a lot of bread in those threads, man"