Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Evil That Men Do

I won a bet tonight with my wife

It was not a bet I wanted to win; would have, in fact, been delighted to lose.

The bet was "When Will Newt Gingrich Next Appear on Meet The Press?"

Not "if" but "when" because, "if" presumes that there was some question as to whether or not Dancin' Dave would once again roll out the red, career-rehabilitation carpet for Gingrich.

Sure, if you listened to all the Very Smart People in the Washington press corps over the last few months whinging about how this time Gingrich had crashed and burned once and for all -- that he was broke and beyond salvation and his career was over -- you might have believed something else, but Blue Gal and I just laughed and laughed because we know what you know: that no matter how deep into the sewer of lies, slander, and racist bomb-throwing offal Gingrich spelunks, the Beltway Fixers will always, always, always fish this bottom-feeding ghoul out of the gutter, hose him off and put him back in front of a camera.

It was a bet on an inevitability, like the sun rising or the tides going in and out (You can't explain that!).

I bet that Gingrich would be back doing the Sunday shows one of before June 1st, while my better half predicted it would take until at least July for the Mouse Circus douche wranglers to squeegee off enough of Gingrich's accreted awfulness to make him camera-ready again.

(If you 'd like to hear us backing-and-forthing over this wager, fire up the April 27th episode of "The Professional Left" and skip on down to around the 64:00 minute mark.)

So...guess who one of Dancin' Davis Gregory's two guests will be this Sunday, May 27, 2012 on  the  most watch political teevee show in America?


Honestly, what gets me -- what ruined an evening I had planned to devote to looking for gas money in the sofa cushions -- is Gregory's sheer, "Fuck you" nakedness.  His absolute contempt for his audience and his profession: a contempt that is fully justified by the fact that -- like David Brooks, Marc Halperin and Tom Friedman -- David Gregory knows that none of his colleagues in the media will ever call him out by name for doing what he does.

And so Mr. Gregory drops trou and waves Newt in our faces and smiles because he knows perfectly well that no one is going to say a damn word about it.

Except, of course, a few dirty fucking hippies, screaming uselessly into the hurricane.

Me, from January 23, 2012:

Of course, in the end only a damn fool bets against money, so I have no idea how this bare-knuckle pig fight will all end, but I can make some fairly astute predictions. 

1. David Gregory will continue to pay the vig on whatever unholy debt he has incurred with Newt Gingrich by letting Newt tread the "Meet the Press" boards whenever he chooses and spout whatever happy-horseshit he wishes under Gregory's iron-clad guarantee that Newt will NEVER be asked any tricky or embarrassing follow-up questions.

Me from November 14, 2010:

Establishmentarian Marionette David Gregory  
asked “But don’t we have to have an Adult Conversation, with people...?” of a panel composed almost entirely of has-beens, sell-outs and depraved thugs he himself had assembled. ...

Newt Gingrich said --
“People can disagree without being demagogues.”
-- and David Gregory did not come across the table at him with a fucking machete, which brings us to the central plot of today's Mouse Circus: The Biannual Rehabilitation of Newt “Fundamentally. Profoundly. Basically.” Gingrich by David Gregory.

Since the beginning of recorded time, Newt Gingrich has been a real curve-breaking innovator
in Republican lying, adultery, hypocrisy, racism and demagogy.

He also hasn't held a single elected office since "Ally McBeal" was on the air.

In case you are just skimming past en route to Alpha Centauri and have no idea about who or what a "Newt Gingrich" is, he is a multiply-humiliated Republican personality who gloms onto whatever wingnut conspiracy theory or demagogic lunacy Fox News is peddling this week and lends it a portion of his ever-diminishing credibility.

He then collects money for rolling in his own shit until the results get too horrifying for even the clowns who run the American news media to ignore.

Then he goes in the Villager penalty box for awhile, until the clowns who run the American news media wear the corners off of their short list of Conservative and "moderate" ass-lickers and apple polishers, and need someone to come on to add a little "fizz" to their stupefyingly turgid and deeply dishonest puppet show.

Then the clowns who run the American news media draw straws to see who gets to let "Nazi" Newt out of the penalty box this time.

And then the Circle of Corporate Media Fake Journalism Life is Complete.

Meanwhile...Newt Gingrich’s infamous "Obama is a Kenyan anti-colonial..." and "Muslim=Nazi" comments have now officially been Unremembered.

Now I'm off to see if David Brooks' Friday column has dropped yet.


Habitat Vic said...

Caught a little bit of Newt getting a loving tongue bath from Chris Matthews on Hardball last night, and I thought aloud "bet he'll be back on the Sunday talk shows pretty soon." Matthews did try (very mildly) to get Newt to acknowledge that his campaign used dog-whistles to the Pig People - such as "food stamp" people & President - but Newt laughed it off. Literally, as in put his head back and gave a happy school-boy laugh. Gosh no, ha-ha, I meant government dependency. No racism. Mathews gaily laughed back (oh Newt, you're such a cut up!), and that was that.

Jesus wept.

Anonymous said...

Newt was auditioning for MSNBC last night, he knows he won't be able to go back to fox. Watch that damn interview, "What's your favorite snake?"