Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Ten Lessons of Rahmses -- Lesson Nine

The Banality of Municipal Gummint:
If I gotta listen to one more fuckin' grandma bitch about one more fuckin' pothole or one more fuckin' alderman whine about some fuckin' WalMart I'm gonna start takin' hostages.

Fuck! I used to have people killed!

OK, who's next?

Really? The fuckin' police union?


Somebody get in here right now and stab me in the fuckin' neck with a fuckin' pencil.

Tomorrow, The Tenth Lesson: Public Service in Chicago


Caoimhin Laochdha said...

My biggest fear --

I am terrified that Rahmuelly will not win the election. With apologies to the good people of Chicago, (this is about ME after all), I fear lost opportunity. Losing the chance to see Rahmuelly suffer through One.Failure.After.Another - all of which will be placed at the short man's little feet -- is too much for me to bear.

Even worse than him losing because the voters can't stomach the little shit, is the thought that he might (during a moment of clarity) do something to intentionally lose so that he doesn't have to live through the humiliation of a final failed stint in elective office.

Nothing good can come of this other than the spectacle of phenomenal-Rahmual failure.


Montag said...

Emanuel running for mayor is a clear sign that it is now a prerequisite that one be insane to run for public office.

The proof of that insanity is that Emanuel intends to apply the same proscriptive advice to Chicago that has caused the Obama administration to implode.

Why would anyone in his or her right mind want to become mayor of Chicago at this moment in the city's history? Only someone with the ego of George Armstrong Custer would want to do it.

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