Friday, October 08, 2010

Your Friday Podcast

"A cool drink of normal in a world where incoherent rage is the new black, and Art Robinson is the new Anna Wintour." -- Bizarro David Broder

"The future crown-jewel in my stabbin'-cabin media empire," -- Not Sam Zell

Alas! those good old days are gone, when a murderer could wipe the stain from his name and soothe his trouble to sleep simply by getting out his blocks and mortar and building an addition to a church.

-- Mark Twain

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Thanks again to Frank Chow for the graphic and Heather at Crooks and Liars Video Cafe for their help.

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And, of course, Happy Birthday Bro!


Mel said...

an interesting(/maybe) question:

what if Mark Twain's "killer" never actually killed anyone? Or attacked anyone? Or libeled anyone?


Anonymous said...

You know Capra took a lot of shit for the socialist-y message of saving the building and loan.
For all the super Christopaths, there is really no problem in a world where the poor live in squalor down across the tracks...because that must be the way God intended it to be.
The very simple argument that has manifested itself since man actually began to form societies, put simply a rising tide raises all boats, is the antithesis of the right, because God made poor people it must be in his plan. "The poor will always be with you" you can have someone to look down upon.