Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Future Unreal Conditional

Noted New York Time's columnist frets about what is going to happen if this goes on:
If the current Republican Party regards every new bit of government action as a step on the road to serfdom, then the party will be taking this long, mainstream American tradition and exiling it from the G.O.P.

That will be a political tragedy.

It would be a fiscal tragedy. ... If Republicans decide that even the smallest tax increases put us on the road to serfdom, then there will never be a deal, and the country will careen toward bankruptcy.

It would also be a policy tragedy.

Most important, it would be an intellectual tragedy. Conservatism is supposed to be nonideological and context-driven. If all government action is automatically dismissed as quasi socialist, then there is no need to think. A pall of dogmatism will settle over the right.

If, like Robert Heinlein...
"If This Goes On—" is a science fiction short novel by Robert A. Heinlein, first serialized in 1940 in Astounding Science-Fiction and revised and expanded for inclusion in the 1953 collection Revolt in 2100. The novel shows what might happen to Christianity in the United States given mass communications, applied psychology, and a hysterical populace. The novel is part of Heinlein's Future History series.

..David Fucking Brooks had written his column two generations ago, it would rightfully be considered an insightful and prescient warning about the future of America.

But David Fucking Brooks did not pen his drivel for the New York Times in the middle of the last century. He penned it yesterday, about a Party and Movement that has been in complete moral and intellectual free-fall for virtually all of David Fucking Brook's adult life.

During virtually all of David Fucking Brook's adult life, the Right has used its turns at the levers of power to advance cruel and profoundly destructive agendas, to serve hateful and profoundly undemocratic interests and causes, and always, always to cater to the whims of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of everyone else.

The Right that David Fucking Brooks frets may one day arrive has been with us for decades, busily and gleefully carving America up like a roast

And during the whole of their filthy rise and reign, one of their most utterly reliable propagandists has been David Fucking Brooks.


Anonymous said...

"It would also be a policy tragedy.

Most important, it would be an intellectual tragedy."

No, you fucking ponce, an intellectual tragedy is not more important than a policy tragedy. A policy tragedy means people will be destitute. Their children will not be educated. They will die of curable diseases.

An intellectual tragedy means that you would have to admit you were wrong about something, while you continue to colect your six-figure paycheck. (Not that you actually WOULD admit you were wrong; just that you would have to.)

You fucking wanker you.

Rick Massimo

darkblack said...

'Conservatism is supposed to be nonideological...'

'Conservatism' - specifically the current American variant so beloved by Brooks until his ardor became inconvenient - is an ideology, albeit bereft of many subjectively utopian concerns...their dream of civilization becoming frozen in amber after being forcibly rewound to feudal times one notable exception.

Just as 'liberalism' became a inaccurately demeaning pejorative for some through counter-factual efforts on the part of its...wait for it...ideological enemies, so 'conservatism' now wears its self-adopted ideologically anti-progressive mantle like a crown of writhing snakes.

Wishing, hoping, and furious wanking won't put that genie back in the bottle.

Hackalicious job, Brooksie.


Roket said...

A conversation with self, meaning the pot is the kettle. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

A pall of dogmatism will settle over the right.

What do you mean, "will"? Have you been in a fucking cave in North Korea for the last 30-40-50 years?

muddy said...

I guess he just noticed the poo smell (tm DG). But nevermind, he will have forgotten by next week.

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