Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Five Words You Can't Say On TeeVee

This video (h/t dday at Hullabaloo) was too good not to share.

Thirty years ago, there were Seven Words you could never say on teevee.

Now there are five.

They are:

Even though that is a simple, verifiable, God's Honest truth the results of which you can see around you in a hundred ways every single day, you are never, ever, ever allowed to say that out loud anywhere in the Big Dollar Media without shit raining down on your head.

(Which is why I have completely given up on the Big Dollar Media, except as a project in amateur cultural anthropology; to see what the gullible and the desperately stupid are willing to settle for in the name of pretending to watch "the news". I mean, how long would you bother to watch a weather report if the meteorologists who pointed at the map categorically refused to tell you if it was raining, or snowing, or cold, or sunny, or Rapturing outside because the rules of their profession forbade them from picking one over the others?)

And there they are in all their glory; a clown-car full of Serious Journalists reacting in absolute incredulity-bordering-on-horror at the sight of some guy telling the truth about Republicans.

Villagers: Isn't saying mean things about Republicans exactly as bad as Joe Wilson screaming "Liar" at the President in front of 40 million people?


Villagers: Why? Why why why why?!

Because I am telling the truth and can back it up, and Joe Wilson was lying.

Villagers: But won't saying mean things about Republicans get in the way of Almighty Bipartisanship, Hallowed Be Its Name?

Republicans don't give a roaches' taint about working with Democrats and never have.

Villagers:But...but...but...saying that that is so mean!

But it's true.

Villager: But isn't saying mean things about Republicans exactly as bad segregation!

No. And what I'm saying is true. Why doesn't that matter to you? What the fuck is fucking WRONG with you people?

Villagers: But isn't saying mean things about Republicans just as bad as praying to Allah for the Sun to explode?


Villager: Isn't saying mean things about Republicans as bad as setting fire to a bus full of widows with an Easter Bunny!


Villagers: Feeding live babies to a dog?


James Carville: Boy howdy, ah tell you at least this man haid the guts to come right ohn The Situation Room ™ and say what he said!

Wolf Blitzer: Yes. He did come on The Situation Room ™.

Villagers: Yes. Yes. How very brave of him come on the The Situation Room ™.

And that is what elevates this from mere farce to tragedy: the fact that our public discourse has become so arch, empty, encrypted and craven that after treating the simple act of telling the unvarnished truth with sneering incredulity for about nine minutes, our Serious Journalists eventually lapse into something that sounded quite a lot like...awe.

Especially in the last bit where Wolf Blitzer wanted some kind of second-by-second vicarious "Tell us what was going through your mind" thrill-ride experience.

As if Grayson had just climbed Everest in a tuxedo, or stopped a runaway train with his chin.

And that is why this is a tragedy. Because that is the world in which you and I now live: a world in which merely being honest is an act of such incomprehensible bravery in the eyes of our pampered, wildly-overpaid Serious Journalists that after all the eye-rolling and jeering dies down, they will gather 'round Representative Grayson like city kids around their Cowboy Uncle and ask in amazement:
"Please, oh, please tell us, Obi Wan, what it's really like to ride a horse, shoot a gun, and stand up and tell the fucking truth about something!"


knowdoubt said...

"The simple act of telling the unvarnished truth" is on par with heroism in our society says it all, it's why this blog is such a breathe of fresh air and so great. It has become a commodity so rare as to elevate a soul who practices such rare acts to eligibility for inclusion on the endangered species list.

darkblack said...

Goodness me, Grayson certainly kicked over the anthill on the Pander Palace there.
Just think, if this was during the Inquisition the boot and the strappado would have been employed for the necessary recantation of such unbipartisan heresy with Cardinals Wolf and Kitty clucking about knight Alan's 'foolishe bravura' all the while.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

And what made those fucking douches go completely apeshit was that Grayson had the nerve not to go through the usual script of "regret" for having dared to say that Republicans are all bunch of despicable buckets of ethical and pragmatic waste. I was waiting for him to ask Blitzer if he "regretted" being a pathetic pampered greedy wastrel and tool of the corporate oligarchy.

Anonymous said...

What Grayson missed is the proper reply to this "buy across state lines" nonsense, which is that it's nothing but another race to the bottom. And that it will only create another financial mess by "bundling" insurance liabilities, just like ending the oversight of banking by the states did for finance. I hope he's ready for that one next time.

Hef said...

I think that was the most disturbing thing about this farce. This neophyte Congressman being badgered four to one by "journalists" for calling out the Insurance Lobby. Sickening and disgusting barely describes their performance. My opinion of mainstream journalism has actually hit a new low. If it weren't for you Drifty, we'd be completely in the dark.

Serving Patriot said...

If we could only have 1 more Grayson... or a hundred more! Imagine how they could reclaim the Capital for the People.

Sadly, there is only one. And unlike Neo, it surely will not be enough to save our Zion.


libhom said...

What do you expect from media owned by conservative corporations?

Grung_e_Gene said...

And now for the Right Cross. "Truth is an absolute defense".

Punk Ass Bitch Republicans want Americans to Work Themselves to Death and when the flower of their youth is used up and you are old and tired to die quickly.

Myrtle June said...

That was truely weird to watch. They really didn't get it. That used care salesman "across state lines" like that is a solution to anything. Good for Grayson for hanging with those fools. OMG well done! The status quo is so threatened by the truth because omg where would they be, who would be if that context changed even a little bit.